Little Man 3

 Chapter 3                             Calling again

  I walked out the screen door and out to our mailbox. Behind the mailbox had a little green stem sprouting through colorful pebbles that you get from fish tanks. A few months ago I planted the seed, it was a tangerine seed.

 I went into the backyard and dragged the shiny red hose to the mailbox. I turned the hose on low and on sprinkle. Little drip drops of water sputtered out of the nozzle. I held it near the my plant.

" Little mann!" I heard the call. I left the hose near my side and the nozzle near my plant slowly running on the soil. " Little boy!"  he called me. "He" lived across from my house. I'd feel like he was watching me the whole time. Out from his window. And everyday he'd come out the same time as me and taunt. " Half-pint!"

 Thunk. He threw a rock at me. The rock thumped my shoulder and left a dirt mark on my shirt. I wanted to break him in half. Then break those halfves into quarters. I bent down and took the nozzle from my plant and turned it on high and straight. I stood up and held the nozzle tightly in my grip.

  " Little maaannn!" He said. Blowing the fattest raspberry you've ever seen. The only thing separating us was the black road with crusty gum and dog whats-it. He threw more rocks and sticks at me. I pulled the handle. Pshhhhh!

  " GLAWWAA!" He gurgled. I sprayed him in the stomach then ran to the door. I dragged the hose behind me.

The End

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