Little Man 2

Chapter 2           I even fail at cereal

  After leaving Mr.Bear unharmed on my bed, after creeping downstairs at 6:00 in the morning, after stubbing my toe on the couch. I made it to the T.V.

I watched a few episodes of "I Love Lucy" and "Spongebob". Then I fell right asleep. I woke to the sound of clinking and the words " Sleep", "couch","lazy". I opened my eyes just a bit. I saw the T.V. still playing , and I saw my older sister right beside me. She was holding a marker. I whacked her in the head and she stumbled back and I ran to the bathroom. I locked the door and looked in the mirror.

 I had a purple moustache, a blue beard, and a red glasses. I grunted. Then washed the marker off with a Winnie The Pooh towel. I walked out the bathroom. Strutin' along the floor. Being all cool and stuff. I walked to the living room and blew a raspberry at my sister. She threw a empty pudding cup at me. I threw a pillow, but missed. She giggled and said " Ha! You're failure at throwing! Even a pillow! You failure."

  I felt more like a failure when I poured myself some Frosted Flakes and missed the bowl.

The End

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