Little Man

" Little maaannn.." they would call me. I'd ignore them but the words kept going on and on in my head,
" Little MAAANNNNN!" like a screaming crowd in a football field.
It wasn't my fault that I was short. Half the size of some people. I was just a bit taller than a kindergartner. I felt short. And I was. Just short. Sometimes in my dreams I'd dream that I was tall. But then I wake up and I hear the words " Little maaaannn" and I feel short again.

Chapter 1            Little Man

   I awoke. Not the teenage " ugghhh" wake up. The normal everyday wake up. I just opened my eyes. I saw the ceiling. Then I turned and then I screamed. Mr. Bear was right there. I wasn't surprised. A stuffed animal can move very quickly when you're not looking. I sat up and patted Mr.Bear on the head and "imagined" that I fed Mr.Bear warm soup on my bed. Where no Goldilocks would come and steal it.

  I left Mr.Bear wrapped up in my Spiderman blanket on my bed. For a bloodthirsty bear, he sure was lazy. I crept downstairs. It was only 6:00 in the morning.

The End

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