The Day Away

Miss Sealan had her bags packed and ready to go.

"Are you sure you'll be alright without me?" She asked Mrs. Gilton, the assistant director of the blind school.

"Yeah, we will be fine without you. I have my husband and Mr. Wal here with us." She paused. "We will be fine," she added.

"Okay," Miss Sealan said, slowly, taking both of her bags in her hands. "I'll see you Sunday night."

Miss Sealan walked out to the front pouch. There sat Wesley's wagon.

"Ready for a weekend off Miss Sealan?" Asked Wesley, sitting on the front seat of the wagon.

He was smiling.

"Wesley..." Jessie said, smiling.

She rolled her eyes.

Wesley got out of the wagon and helped put Jessie's bags into the wagon. Then he helped up onto the seat.

"Have a nice weekend off, Miss Sealan," Mrs. Gilton called, waving to the two as they drove away.

Jessie waved back.

The End

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