The Whole Truth

"Daniel, please come into my office," Miss Sealan said.

Daniel quietly felt his way into to room, reaching out to find a chair. He grabbed it and sat down.

"Daniel, after you went into the dining room, I went to check on what you had really been doing in the chicken pen." She stood up. "I was not happy to find this-" She picked up the ax and set it on her desk with a klunk. Quickly, remembering she worked at a BLIND SCHOOL, she added, "this ax with blood on it."

There was a pause.

"What were you really trying to do?"

"Miss, I was out there feedin' the chickens. Really-I swore I was and the next store neighbor’s boys came. They had the ax and you see put me up to it-to kill a chicken, I mean. They were laughing at me trying to get one. Then when they heard you callin' they ran. Ran as fast as they could. I could hear 'em. So I set the ax on the ground and went inside.”

Miss Sealan nodded. "Is that the truth?"

The little boy nodded, making his whole chair move.

"Then I will return the ax to its owner. Thank you for telling the truth. You may go now."

Daniel got up, feeling for a wall. Finally, he found one and followed it into the hall.

Miss Sealan sighed.


The End

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