Little Lucifer

"Daniel!" Miss Sealan huffed, "where is that boy? Daniel!"

"I'm here, Miss," said a small voice behind her.

Miss Sealan turned around to see a small boy. He was about ten years old with pale skin and black hair. He had small dark eyes and his body was very small compared to most boys his age. Although you could still see his eye color, he was blind.

"Oh, thank god you're not dead!" She paused, purssing her lips. "Where were you? I've been calling you for nearly fifteen minutes. All the children are waiting for you in the dining room." She fixed his unbottoned shirt before he replied.

"I was busy with the chickens. I'll go," he moved slowly, keeping his hand on the wall.

She waited to see him disappear into the dining room before she went to see what he was really up to. She made haste to the back porch and then to the chicken pen that stood before the corn feild.

She paused before the door to see a shinny object. It was an ax. 

She looked more closely at it. The ax had a couple of drops of blood on it.

'What in god's name!' She thought, taking the ax to the shed before disater could happen. The blind school didn't even have an ax.

Remembering the blood, she checked the chickens.

 Sure enough, there was one with a fresh wound. It hobbled around on one leg. Blood still dripped from the spot where the leg had been connected.

Miss Sealan stared at it wide-eyed with her mouth almost to the ground.

The End

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