First Day of NurseryMature

Adam lost his wife on the day when their daughter was born. Going on paternity leave for two years to raise little Lucy, he finally is able to go to back to work when Lucy goes to nursery. Little did he know that day would be the day when things would go horribly, horribly wrong.

“You’re going to love nursery, Lucy,” Adam smiled as held Lucinda’s hand down the street “You’ll meet all sorts of friends and have such a wonderful time.”
Lucinda didn’t say anything as they reached the doors of the nursery and was met with a carer.
“Hello, I’m Shirley Thompson and I will be your daughter’s carer,” she presented herself “Is this the little angel right here?”
Lucinda hissed at her whilst snapping at her fingers when Shirley bent down to pick her up.
“Lucy be nice,” Adam scolded his daughter.
Lucinda glared up at Shirley as she let go of her father’s hand. Adam smiled politely as Shirley giggled.
“Why, she is so adorable,” she sighed “She’ll have so much fun here.”
“Now, be a good girl whilst I’m gone, OK, Lucy?”
Lucinda watched her father leave with a stoic face before following Shirley into the next room.

The End

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