"Nothing special" Katie say standing up on her tiptoes to kiss him lightly on the cheek. "Just girl stuff"

He grins and kisses Katie's forhead, lightly and just soft enough to make it sweet and caressing. He pulls back and smiles at her just before Robbie stumbles over a girl at his side. He leans close to Will's ear and whispers "I'm going up stairs.... take Katie somewhere quiet she's that sort of girl"

Then with those words he walks away with the girl his alcoholic breath ligering behind. Will leans down to Katie's ear and whispers. "How about we get out of here and go for a drive?" He asks.

Katie looks up and smiles nicely. "I would love to... do you have a car?" Katie says raising an eyebrow. Will shakes his head slowly and smiles.

"No but we can take one of Robbie's" Will flashes a bright smile then tugs Katie. He leads her through the house then into a garage full of expensive vehicles. Katie hesitates at the sight of them. Also with secound thoughts.

She knows she slept with this guy. Underage yes but.... can she trust him enough to go with him where there is no one else. Only him to rely on. Will notices her hesitation and looks back at her and smiles. "Come on then" He says smiling.

And Katie allows him to pull her over to one of the cars. A BMW to be precise but she doesn't know much else about cars.

The End

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