Katie was shocked of the feel of Will's lips on her's. Was it meant to be a shock? Was the softness and the feel of his lips moving against hers a normal feeling?

Katie didn't know. The only boy she had ever kissed was her father and that was when she was young. She didn't understand the movements of Will's lips but she did know that it felt good and she felt a pleasure that was strangely tingling through out her body.

She was aware of many people walking past her most of them taking a secound look before continueing shocked. I mean everyone knew Katie didn't date.... or kiss, especially nothing further than that.

Will pulled back to gaze at the beautiful girl that he knew was underage and probably has never been touched. But he finds his hands moving beneath her shirt to caress her warm skin. He doesn't go to far from her waist.

"Come with me" Katie whispers. She pulls away but takes his hand in hers then leads him through the crowd. She leads him upstairs taking the stairs carefully.

"Wait this way" Will says tugging her arm. He lead her down the hallway to the room he's staying in. She lets go of his hand to lean back against the door closing it and then turning the lock.

"I havent done anything like this before" Katie whispers relaxing back against the door. Will smiles slightly and approaches Katie slowly he leans down and close to her.

"I haven't shared my bed with a girl before" Will whispers. This is true even though he has come close to doing it he has never actually done it. Foreplay but no action or spark. Katie blushes looking down. Will puts a hand beneath her chin and slowly brings her face up. She looks at him with a short of studying/confused look.

Then with gentleness he lowers his mouth to hers. She takes his face between her hands hesitantly and kisses him back. Unsure weather she is doing it right but enjoying it all the same.

Katie feels Will's tongue slip into her mouth and shivers. She's heard of this but never knew how special it would feel. Especially when Will lifted her up by the waist and carried her across the room with such ease. He laid her down on the bed hovering over her.

The pleasure and the feel of what happened in that room that night was impossible to describe. But she knew it hide the pain she felt slightly at the begining. The Pleasure outweighed the begining pain.

The End

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