"I hardly know anyone here" Katie mutters as someone shoves past her causing her to stumble into Rianna again who catches her.

"Just enjoy the beat Kid. Doesn't matter if you don't know people just fit in" Rianna says standing Katie back up and making sure her hair is perfect. Then she turns to search the crowd spotting Robbie making his way through it towards them with a cute boy on his heels. "Host alert" Rianna warns.

She sets herself up just in time as Robbie stops in front of her bringing his friend round to stand in front of Katie. She looks at the boy shocked. He's obviously the foreign friend because while she may not know any of the people at this party she's seen them at school or round town.

"Katie" Robbie says addressing her politely which is of course just a way to get a girl to like him. Every move he does is essesed in his mind before done. "I would like you to meet my good friend William from America"

"Just Will would be fine" He stumbles over his words as he offers his hand to Katie to shake. He's watching her with shock. Katie takes his hand in a firm shake.

"Like Robbie said I'm Katie" Will nods and smiles which effects Katie's heart rate strangely. It makes it skip a beat which is a experience Katie has never felt. The effect is so strange it almost scares her.

"Its nice to meet you" Will says bowing slightly and kissing Katie's knuckle. Robbie laughs slightly and pats Will on the back before sliding an arm around Rianna's waist.

"How about we leave these two to talk Rianna?" Robbie says leaning in to whisper in Rianna's ear. She pulls back to look at him then looks at Katie. Katie nods and Rianna turns back to Robbie.

"I'd like to dance" Rianna says. Robbie smiles then leads her off to the centre of the foyer which is very large. Katie watches them for a while as they walk off and begin to dance as does Will. Then they both at the same time turn their heads to look at each other.

They look away suddenly blushing. "Do you want to dance?" Will asks turning to face Katie. He steps back puts one arm behind his back and offers his other hand like a gentleman.

Katie blushes then slowly places his hand in his gently. Will closes his hand around hers then leads her out in to the middle of the foyer.

The End

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