"Yo, come on Will. The party's gonna start soon just get out"

"I'm almost done Robbie" Will calls from behind the locked door of the bathroom. He takes one last look in the mirror. He's wearing a black short sleeved shirt with the top three button's undone. Then a pair of loose jeans with white trainers.

Will lets off a big sigh then unlocks the door to the bathroom coming out to find Robbie leant against the banister. He's wearing close to the same outfit that Will wears himself except he seems to look much more smart in it. "Finally Dude" Robbie says straightening up. "The guests will be let into the estate in ten minutes. I'm wanting to introduce you to someone"

"Who may that be?" Will asks following Robbie down the staircase. Mind you the whole house shocked Will when he first arrived. He knew Robbie lived on an estate but the grandness of the house still shocked Will when he was looking at it being led around.

"Oh, her name is Katie. She goes to the school and is 15. I'm thinking maybe you might like her" Robbie says looking back and winking at Will.

They make it to the ground flour just as the bell goes. "Lights off, Music on and Open the kitchen" Robbie calls at different people as he makes his way across the foyer to the door.

He stops at the door. He drums his fingers on it then looks back at Will. "Ready for this?" Robbie ask with a cheeky smile playing on his lips.

"Will I ever be ready?" Will says shrugging.

"Probably Not" Robbie says smiling. He turns away and pulls open the doors showing a large group of people. "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to my home...... Now lets get the party started!"

There's a yell of approval and everyone streams in as the lights flick off and the music starts playing. "Wow" Will says as he follows Robbie girls gathering around as they move.

"Yep, Ladies this is my mate William from America" Robbie says putting a firm hand on Will's shoulder.

"But you can call me Will" Will says flashing a smile at a few of the girls. He notices though Robbie looking through the crowd. Then his eyes light up. He leans into Will to whisper.

"Follow me I've found your girl"

Will's not feeling so sure about being set up by Robbie with a girl who he thinks is too young for him.

The End

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