Little LoveMature

One night of passion brings a whole new life into the world but the two people who created this life live miles apart.
So when the boy leaves and then comes back to find the girl pregnant he has no idea what to do.

"Katie.... Katie!" A voice shouts.

"Huh? What?" The girl sitting on the bank of the river turns to look back at where the voice came from. A young girl comes into view running quickly. "Oh, hello Heather" The girl on the bank says placing her hands in her lap.

"Get up Katie. You're late for the party" Heather gasps. Katie sighs rising up from the bank pulling her feet out of the river and slipping them into her sandles and buckling them up.

"I don't see why you are so persitant its not like you're going" Katie says pouting. She straightens out her white summers dress then follows Heather who has began to move away.

"I want to make sure you go so I can hear all about this party. I mean Robbie throws the best parties in town and you got a invite" Heather says sighing dramatically at the end. Katie shakes her head but follows Heather back to the cottage willingly.

Katie doesn't like Robbie like most people including her sister does. Katie see's him for the selfish git he really is. The boy who thinks he's got it all and can have it all. He tried it on with Katie when he gave her the invite.

The only reason he did was because everyone knows that Katie doesn't date. That she's never dated, not once. So she took the invite from Robbie and walked away. Another reason she's going , besides her sister forcing her and the pressure by Robbie's status, is cause she's intrigued by the gossip.

The gossip about the foreign boy that Robbie has brought over. No one knows much about him except that he's Robbie's age which is 17.

All Katie can think about this boy is he's probably like Robbie flirting with the young girl. I mean Robbie is 17 and flirting now with Katie who has only recently turned 15.

Its then they reach the driveway where a car pulls up. The window rolls down and Rianna, popular girl of the school and Katie's best friend, sticks her head out. "Come one, kid. We have to get going" Rianna says snapping her fingers.

Katie sighs and turns to Heather giving her a hug. "Recommend me" Heather whispers in Katies ear. Katie pulls away and nods before running round the car to the passanger seat. Another thing about Rianna, she's much older than Katie being 17 and having passed her driving test on the first go.

"Ready and popping Kid?" Rianna asks as she looks her up and down. "Sweet outfit as well Kid"

Another thing unless Rianna's being serious she always calls Katie 'Kid'. Its a nickname that came up when they met and its stuck. "I'm as good as I can get RiRi" Katie says sighing and letting her head drop back.

Rianna shrugs then drives off down the driveway heading for Robbie's family estate.

The End

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