Stepping through this everlasting hallway she tried to trick herself into believing it was nothing.

The pain she felt? Nothing.

The noise she heard? Nothing.

The glistening red liquid dripping from her naked body? Nothing.

She let herself ignore that she had no covering; her loneliness made this fact irrelevant and this place she was in felt like her own so no person would find her here.

It worried her slightly that this was becoming a hope and that she truly longed in the hall of white darkness, to be alone.

It didn't matter though, whether she wished it or not she was clearly alone here... save the distant sounds she could hear.
They were the sort of sounds which one told their mind that they couldn't hear:
The slow dripping of a heavy rain; heavier than water but lighter than hail. That sound was close though, it was all around her and if she let her eyes dance from the whitened floorboards just ahead of her feet she would see why. Not all the floor was white, just as not all of her skin was pale pink and not all of her hair happened to be white blonde. She could feel the stickiness but she pushed it from her mind.
It was the piercing sound which she could not avoid, the sound people make when two swords hit one another and pull away, not the initial 'clang' but the following slice. A high pitched slice through something, not against another object but through.
And the heavy rain just kept dripping.

There were other sounds but she chose not to dwell on them, thinking only of trying not to think about the slicing through her mind.

Fear taking over her through the sudden realisation of the manic white  and red world around her, frantic legs began running beneath her and her body flew forward through this endless hallway as the noises grew ever louder, the slow drip ever faster, the slicing with ever more intent; deeper and deeper until she was screaming with pain and all she could see was the red rain around her.

She collapsed to the floor, overrun with horror as the blood from the slicing filled her eyes and dripped down her naked and broken body.

She looked at herself in disgust and left her bedroom, leaving herself clothe less and covered in the blood from the harm she had down to her own mind.

She'd always known herself to be too weak to handle the world; clearly she was if she were too weak to even handle herself.

The End

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