Lay Of The LandMature

Nothing here was strong as she tiptoed between the trees, fearful her weight would compress the ground and she would fall through.
Even the trees lacked strength as she had discovered earlier when she dared to place a hand upon one and feel herself almost push through it.

Weakness seemed to be a common trait of this place.

Her thoughts wondered to herself, her weakness, letting herself fall apart so easily.

Leaves fell from the trees and disappeared, broken by the air.

She was searching for him to lean upon but he wasn't here, she could feel it in her breaking bones - he had never really been here.
All that had been holding her up were the false belief; the shadow of his soul.

She grew tired in longing, her feet dancing side to side as the ground shook beneath her.
For there was nothing to lean on any longer and the longing of her soul had nothing to cling to.

The trees began to fall to the floor silently, slipping straight through the bare ground before her eyes and disappearing in darkness. They left holes in front of her, turning she realised they had left holes all around her.
Surrounded by darkness in a world made of weakness.

She was too tired to run.
Too tired to fight.

Her feet slipped beneath her and nothing was left back darkness and the soft glow from above; the glow of what she thought she had, but never did.

And this darkness; this was her reality.

The End

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