Alice In a Lost LandMature

How I'm going to 'rant' from now on..
These are all inspired by something, some trigger or something.. but in a sense they are just little nightmares.. so if they end on a cliff hanger then that's because the nightmare would have.

Lost and floating in a world, a world away.

That was her problem now. Lost in a world away.

She'd mentioned to someone the other day about her difficult world and they had looked at her in confusion; told her it was just something that happened. She'd shaken her head and stopped herself from explaining further.

She was Alice in Wonderland; but Wonderland wasn't real.
Nobody believed that, however. Nobody even tried to understand. Not that anybody else cared.

It was dark tonight in her mind as she closed her eyes. That is, behind her eyes and in her mind it was dark; her open eyes let in the welcome light from her bedside table but she would have to give in to the weariness clawing at her mind eventually.

It was dark and he was there.
Terror filled his eyes as it always did and his flesh was gripped at by unexplained bodies of darkness. The scream tore from his parted lips soundlessly as it always was and the silence bore into her soul. The tapping of its nails begun again, like a ticking clock counting down - it would only be a matter of time until she were awake once again. It watched as she did. Emotionless.

He was thrashing wildly to get away; futile attempts, of course. He had always been weak and they were strong. They were strong enough to rip him apart, limb by limb.He would never escape them.
The chains of his mind bound him in hers. She wished she could fight sleep to spare him this pain but she could not tonight; not again.

His eyes drifted to a close as he grew weary of the fight and she screamed out to him internally. He could not hear her, no point wasting her breath screaming out loud.

Darkness flickered around him, the beings becoming frantic; excited. Further  Darkness seeped from within him, flowing from his nose, his eyes, his mouth and his body began thrashing once more.

She turned her head from the scene but it was in front of her again, surrounding her, filling her mind as she held back the scream which was building in her throat.

Her eyes opened slowly and she glanced at the clock. Half an hour passed but she wouldn't sleep again; she had no desire to see his heart torn out once again.

She thought back: and they say Wonderland isn't real...

The End

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