Totally Helpless

Sam led me to his kitchen, where a man was reading a newspaper at the table.  He had dark, graying hair and a neatly trimmed beard the same color as his hair.  His eyes were just like Sam's.

"Nikki, this is my father."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, Mr.--"

"Please, call me Alex."  He shook my head.  "Is there something wrong with the door?" He asked pleasantly, the humor glinting in his sparkling blue eyes.

"Doors are predictable," I answered coolly.  

"Ah, a girl with a sense of humor.  How refreshing," Alex remarked.  I beamed, deciding instantly that I liked Alex.

He asked me about myself while Sam busied himself with the making of the popcorn, rolling his eyes when his dad asked what he must've thought to be a ridiculous question. 

"So you guys are going to watch The Princess Bride?"  Sam nodded enthusiastically.

"Ever seen it, Nikki?"  I shook my head, while Sam openly gaped at me.  As if on cue,  the microwave beeped.  He grabbed my hand and snatched the popcorn, forgetting about the bowl he had set out.  He dragged me to his bedroom, and threw himself on his bed, pulling me with him.  I shrieked, unprepared for the fall, and Sam just shook his head at me.

It was obvious he had seen this movie a dozen times by the way he quoted every other line.  

"As you wish."  "Inconceivable!"  "You killed my father. Prepare to die."  It would've been annoying, except Sam was really good at matching the way the characters spoke.  

"What kind of name is Humperdink?"  I scoffed.  He looked offended for a minute, then whispered in my ear, "It's the kind of name an ass hole deserves."  His breath was hot against my skin, and I hoped he couldn't see my cheeks flush.

"Twue wove," Sam started.  The look I gave him shut him up, though he couldn't resist snickering.  

Somewhere near the end of the movie, I must have fallen asleep.  When I checked my phone, squinting at the bright light, it was nearly three in the morning.  I disentangled myself from Sam, wondering how we'd ended up like that in the first place.  He was sleeping soundly, the hint of a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.  A piece of popcorn was in his hair and I smiled at how ridiculous he looked, reaching over to get it.  

He turned over, making me lose my balance.  Our faces were inches apart when he opened his eyes, thoroughly confused.  "Uhm," I panicked.  "You had popcorn in your hair," I whispered.

"Oh."  He grabbed it and popped it into his mouth.  

"Gross."  He grinned at me and shrugged.  "What time is it?" He asked.


"Oh, crap.  Sorry for keeping you this late."

"It's fine."  

He sighed, closing his eyes.  I was totally helpless.  "You just gonna stay there all night?" he mumbled, his eyes still shut.

"Uhm, no?"

With some difficulty, I managed to get off of him and sit up straight on the edge of his bed, and he sat beside me, his long legs crossed.  I could only think about the inch that separated us, and I suddenly had the urge to close that distance and mash my lips to his.  

Instead, I cleared my throat, standing.  "I should go."  He nodded. He followed me onto the fire escape.  "Nikki, please join me at lunch Monday."

"I don't know if that's a good idea..."

"Don't shut me out, Nikki.  You don't have to be afraid of anyone.  They don't know you like I do.  They can't see how wonderful you are."  I sighed, avoiding his eyes, but he grabbed my chin and made me meet his gaze.  "Please, Nikki."

My shoulders slumped, and he knew he had won.  "Thanks.  Will I see you tomorrow?  Er, today?"  I shrugged, and he rolled his eyes.  I distracted myself from him with trying to open my window.  It didn't open though, and I began to panic, breaking a finger nail trying one last desperate attempt.  "It won't open?"  

"Obviously."  It was his turn to roll his eyes.  He stood behind me, and my back was against his chest.  I could feel his muscles tense against my arms.  The window wouldn't budge.  He tried again, grunting in frustration.  I was pressed between my window and Sam, and I tried not to leave face prints or anything on the glass.  "I think I locked it," I declared finally, with a sigh.  

"You don't say."  

I sighed.  "I'll just go through the door."  

We tip-toed through the apartment only to discover that mom had locked the door, and my keys were in my bedroom.  I sighed, leaning my head on the wall.  Before I could stop myself, I giggled at the absurdity of the situation.  And then I couldn't stop.  I laughed a little too loud, and Sam clamped his hand over my mouth, shushing me and looking around.

"I should make you sleep in the hallway," he growled.  

"But you won't," I mumbled against his palm, grinning.  He only glared at me, and my smile faltered as uncertainty set in.  "You won't, will you?" I asked.  "Sam?"

He removed his hand and rolled his eyes, pulling me back into his apartment.  "Here," he said when we were back in his room, tossing me a t-shirt of his and a pair of boxer shorts.  I stared at him, wondering if he was serious.  "Unless you'd rather sleep in your jeans or your underwear."  He shrugged, and once again I was thankful that it was too dark for him to see my cheeks flush.  

I was also very thankful that I had shaved my legs this morning, or else I would've slept in my jeans.  Sam stepped out to use the bathroom, so I changed.  I was rolling up the elastic band when he knocked on the door.  "I'm good," I whispered loud enough for him to hear.  He came in with some snacks and turned on a little LED light he had on his desk, so it wasn't too dark or too bright.  

"Do you have anymore movies?  I'm not tired anymore," I asked.  He nodded.

"What do you wanna watch?  I've got just about everything."  He led me into the living room with a flash light, and I looked at the giant book shelf full of movies.  "Whoa," I said.  I picked up the Lion King and held it up, hopeful.  He rolled his eyes and took it from me, and we went back to his room to watch it.  

I had said I wasn't tired, but I fell asleep in the first couple of minutes.  I wasn't sure about when Sam had fallen asleep, but I doubt he stayed up to watch the whole thing.  It was eight in the morning when I awoke, and Sam was still asleep.  I didn't want to wake him up, and I was reluctant to get up too, so I put my head on my arm and went back to sleep.  

A few hours later, I woke up to Sam's bright blue eyes peering down at my face.  Startled, I tried to sit up, but we only hit our heads together.  "Ow."  We groaned, and I lay back down, turning over and burying my face in his pillow.  It smelled like him, and I hoped he couldn't tell that I was just drinking in his scent.

"Why would you do that to me?" I asked him, my face still in his pillow.  

"Huh?"  I turned back over to look up at him, rubbing my forehead.  

"I said, 'why would you do that to me?'" I repeated, frustrated.

"I thought I'd show you what it felt like to wake up with someone in your face.  But it back-fired."

"Clearly."  I sighed and closed my eyes.  "What time is it?" 

"Time for you to get up.  C'mon."  Sam took my hands and pulled me up into a sitting position.  It was then that I noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt, just some dark jeans that fit him... very... well...  

"Where's your shirt?" I asked, though I really didn't mind.  

"You're wearing it."  I was still confused.  "It was my last clean one," he said, matter-of-fact.  I looked down at the bright orange Hollister t-shirt he'd given me last night.  It was wrinkled and distinctly looked like it had been slept in.  

"Oh.  Sorry."   He shrugged, making me stand up.  

"What are you doing today?" Sam asked suddenly, and turned to his closet to get a blue sweatshirt and pulled it over his head.  He looked at me, a glint in his eyes.  

I shrugged my shoulders.  We both knew I didn't have any plans, but I felt pathetic if I had to say it.  "You should hang out with me today," he said.  

"I should?"


I shrugged my shoulders, saying "Sure."

"Really?  I don't have to beg?"  I rolled my eyes at him and shook my head.  

The End

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