The Principle's Office

"So......Jacob Hubner. I have heard that you are disrupting classes and if you do not tell me why you are doing this, I shall punish you." The principle said, "That includes cleaning my shoes. Mmmm....l love polished shoes."

Said little Jake, "Hmmm......That's nice dear." 

"Stop messing around! That's your first chance gone, you have now have no chances left. What do you think you're playing at? I swear if you mess around anymore I will bash my own head against yours and we'll both suffer brain damage for the rest of our lives."

"That's great kido." Said little Jake, hopping on to an office chair and spinning around as fast as he could. Well, he thought, since I wasn't invited to sit down, I'll just have to invite myself.

"Right! That's enough!" shouted the principle. "Who do you think you're talking to, huh?" He stood up and tried to make the worst expression on his face that he could think of.

Little Jake stopped twirling around and stared at the Principle.

"Sit down and shut up!" He yelled.

Then the Principle looked stunned and sat back down. His lips tightly closed. He looked like a kid who'd just been told off.

"That's enough nonesense out of you young man, to the english classroom with you." replied Jake proudly.

The Principle walked over to little Jake's classroom, sat down in his place, and learnt his english.

The End

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