Little Jacob Hubner.

Jake is a nice little boy with a, erm, big problem...

One day little Jake woke up to his mother screaming at him.

"Jake, get out of bed this instant!"

"Okay mommy!" Replied little Jake.

He got out of bed and went down stairs to the breakfast table. He found his cereal waiting for him. As he sat down he picked up his spoon a looked at his reflection.

"Mommy, my nose is getting bigger." Said little Jake.

"Hmm... That's nice dear." Replied his mother from the stove.

Jake was half way done his cereal when his father walked in.

"Daddy, my nose is getting bigger." Said little Jake once more looking in his spoon.

"That's great kido." Said his Dad from behind his paper.

Jake finished his cereal and continued getting ready for school.

When the bus pulled up out side his house Jake hopped on and said to the driver; "My nose is getting bigger." And indeed it was.

"Sit down and shut up!" Yelled the fat bus driver.

When Jake arrived at school he walked up to a little girl and said "My nose is getting bigger."

"Ewww! Coodies!" Screamed the little girl as she ran away.

When class started Jakes nose was as big as a ripe tomato. He raised his hand and annouced; "Teacher, my nose is getting bigger."

"That's enough nonesense out of you young man, to the principals office with you."

The End

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