Chek ventures out alone.

It was often difficult to have a singular thought in a brain the size of a grain of sand, but Chek was one of those ants who often walked against the crowd, and ventured off alone.

He climbed up to the top of his favorite blade of grass and sat. The humans seemed so big! What was their weakness? The sun beat down on him, warming his tough exoskeleton.

the sun keot getting hotter and hotter. That was odd, the sun never felt this hot! He looked around. A large bright light was shining on him and it wasn't the sun! He began to scurry, but the light followed him. He climbed under the shadow of another grass blade.

I giant hand shoved aside a huge swatch of grass and a giant head peered down, eyes searching for him. Chek bolted into the nearest clump of dandelion.

Breathing harder with the exertion, he listened to the large heavy footsteps as they ran off. Chek solidified his resolve. He would figure out what made humans tick! He would hit them where it counts! He would make sure humans did not bother ants ever again!

He knew where there was a human hill, a large construction that they lived in. It was a long journey, but he had to do it. For the good of the colony!

The End

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