Little Guy

It's not always so easy being the little guy.  And didn't Chek know it. 

He was getting really tired of being ignored all the time.  In fact, yesterday had been the last straw.  He'd had enough.  The philosophy 'I'm bigger than you, therefore I'm better than you' was getting real old.  Real old.

Just yesterday he'd been out at work, just the same as everyday, trying to bring home the grub for the family.  And Chek had a big family, so there was a lot of grub to be getting.  It was back breaking work, doing all the heavy lifting, but somebody had to do it. 

Anyway, he had been at work, on his way home, in fact, when a big brute of a guy came along and killed damn near all his family.  Just like that.  Didn't even stop; just kept on going.

Chek was not pleased.  Dozens and dozens of his cousins and siblings gone, in a single step.  I mean, really.  You would think those humans could at least take a look at where they're putting those monsterous pontoons down when they walk, you know?  It's only considerate.

Chek then had the extreme displeasure of going to the Queen and telling her that a fair portion of her work force was, ahem, dead.  Now she would have to work double time pumping out the kids to get the workforce up to par again.  It's all a very finely tuned balance, an ant colony; lots of logistics involved.

Anywho, Chek had had enough.  Working all those extra shifts was becoming a real hassle...oh, yeah and he was terribly upset about the death of all those family members too...yes, thats right.  (To tell the truth, he was related to every single one of the millions of ants in his colony so it wasn't a particularly devastating loss.  Although he was rather close to this one chap, Fred; a brother, Chek believed.)

Chek was craving revenge.  He wanted to get back at those bully humans.  He wasn't picky; any human would do.

He just needed a plan...

The End

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