Epilogue- A Goodbye is not Forever.Mature

It would be wrong to say the story is over...this was only a piece of a story, told from a single point of view. There would be many books greatly varying, where this piece would be a single chapter, written in four different ways. To say anyone was a villain in this story, would be biased and small minded. No one is an antagonist and a protagonist in life, it's simply in the eye of the beholder.

Who knows how Tatianna would persevere this little extract. Her story has more turns to it, more ideas to it, less complications, or perhaps even more. She was far from the villain, just a character, with a roll to play and a story to tell.

Kara's story would be that of an observer, possibly the most unbiased and yet the most different from any of the four.

Mary's is a story that belongs only to her. It would possibly be the darkest and yet most beautiful.

Perhaps Kiruba and Madhuri would have only a paragraph that resembles this extract, or perhaps that chapter hasn’t closed for them as yet.

As for Xara, her story hasn't ended, only an extract from her book has come to a close. Perhaps as the future continues to become the past, and as she scrawls out her mistakes on fresh piece’s of paper, she'll once again scrawl them out for
you'll to read. 

For now, Goodbye, and farewell, though, I’m sure we'll meet


The answer to our peace of mind does not lie in Past
obstacles, but within ourselves, for there lies the Future.

The End

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