The Art exam is the only exam I look forward to. It's fun, creative, and allows you to wind down. I looked at her across the table. Tatianna sat, painting with the headphones in her ears. She looked back at me, with a fleeting glimpse of the girl I once knew. The dull ache thudded in my heart.

As I lifted of my seat to leave, I heard her voice call, "Xee!" I looked back. She smiled nervously. "Tell does it painting....please?" It had taken a lot out of her to say it. So I decided to honor the effort.

"It's nice..." I said, peering at the picture, "But a little animated." I smiled.

"I’m sorry..." She whispered. Kara looked at me, with her ash brown eyes, "Me too..." I stopped for a moment, and took a second to think.

"I's ok....but..." Their faces fell, "It won't change much. Though...I guess...if you need advice, call." And I walked away. I could feel their eyes following my footsteps.


"Hey Xee," I couldn't help but be annoyed. She actually called me. But her voice wasn't as chirpy as it was before. It had lost that ring it had to it.

"Yeah, make it quick, I have class." I lied. She sensed the irritation in my tone.

"Im sorry, but I need you to...tell me what to do."

"Spit." I said. "Make it quick."

"He's leaving. Jamal's leaving for America." I could hear her gulp back the tears. “I can't decide, should we....break up..." Her voice was breaking, I could tell she was already crying, "or stay together?"

I sighed, "It seems pretty simple. If he's away and still your boyfriend, you'll be miserable." I began.

"I know but..."

"SHUT IT!" I stopped her before she could start. "But you'll be more miserable knowing he's no longer your boyfriend AND in America. So...the choice is pretty simple to me"

"Thanks..." With that I clicked the phone. I smiled. That was my closure. The finality of everything. My version of a "handshake and wave good bye." I couldn't help but laugh, as Kiruba’s number flashed on my phone a second after Tat's call ended. The end of one thing always brings about the start of another, I guess.


The End

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