The phone rang. It wouldn't stop. I picked it up. Madhuri sounded exasperated. She sounded out of breath and lost for words.

"Xara...Tatianna told me something. Others over heard.I made sure they wouldn't say anything, I told them she was trying to spread rumors and hurt you, and I know them; they won’t tell a soul, so don't worry. And I still love you, you don't have to worry about that, it was b1*#^y of her, it was disgusting Just chill ok..." She didn't draw a breathbetween sentences. She barely paused.

"What did she tell you?" I asked.

"You know it. It's the one thing I don't completely know about you. You told me you went through a rough patch....she told me thedetails."

I could feel the heat swell in my lungs. "What

"...well..." She hesitated.

"SPIT IT OUT" I yelled.

“That...that you cried at three in the night on her shoulder, that she stopped you from slitting...from hurting yourself and...doing things to yourself. I already knew most of it…so chill, it’s just, the people in front of us heard, don’t worry, they won’t tell anyone though! She's got the upper hand, but don't worry, I won't let her get to you. I'll make sure she..."

I clicked off the phone. The phone kept ringing, I couldn't pick it up. I'd lost all energy. All I could hear was the entire foundation of my trust in Tatianna Sanchez crumbling into ash and dust.

No, it wasn't possible. I kept everything she told me in confidence; it was simply out of moral values that I didn't divulge her could she? It came flooding back, the pain, the anguish, the stress, and the utter and complete emptiness, but something came with it, pure rage, anger, and the feeling of betrayal. A bitter taste spread in my mouth.

The phone kept ringing, but I couldn't pick it up. I didn't have enough energy to do so.



The End

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