Have you studied chemistry before? You know those compounds we learn about, that are stable under only certain factors? Removing Mary from our group was like removing those factors. The chemical left behind became unstable, and broke apart. Well...I did at least.

It was selfish on my part, it was cruel, some would say I was a treacherous bitch, but I just let them go. Both Tatianna and Kara. I couldn't be bothered with what they were becoming, I wasn't going to talk to them or try to change them. It was against my rules. If I couldn't accept them for who they are , or have become, then I should just leave. So that’s what I did. I left them be.

If only they'd just waved goodbye and walked away, things would have been different.

"So you'll form a little group and bitch about me?" Tatianna stared at Madhuri and myself. Kara stood in the back drop.

I had taken Kara in confidence and explained to her that I had to move on...that I couldn't accept them for what they were, well...not that politely. She had understood, nodded and agreed, only to go about and complain to Tatianna.

I was glad Kiruba was not there. She wasn't fond of conflict, and in my opinion didn't need to be involved. I wanted her to remain oblivious to all of it.

"No, I simply don’t like you." I answered coldly. She scoffed.

"Your jealous aren't you!" She smiled, "You can't stand having a friend prettier than you! I’m so sorry I’m so intimidating!" Her voice was thick with sarcasm, a she flicked her straight, curtain of hair.

"Oh yes!" I yelled. A few heads turned. "Oh almighty!" I bowed, "I’m so jealous of you!! You, almighty Goddess of all fucking sluts! and since I can’t contain my jealousy and utter envy at your beauty, you should GO! GET LOST! LEAVE!" I laughed hysterically, out of anger and adrenaline.

She was lost for words..."Your...you’re a freak."

"I know, and I prefer it that way!" I smirked. "B'bye" She walked away. But she wasn't finished.

"You were...slightly freaky..." Madhuri whispered unsurely.

"What can I say...Don’t get me mad." I'm not sure, maybe it was the look in my eye, or the tone in which I said the words, but she gave a single hard nod.


Madhuri was uncomfortable the next morning. I smiled, she grimaced. She sighed as she sat next to me.

"Tatianna caught me off guard after you left..." She immediately began. I could tell she wanted to get it over with. She looked at me for confidence.

"Chill." I answered. "Go on."

"She said she wanted to know why you were being such a whore to her...."She paused

"And you told her...what exactly?" I edged he forward.

"I told her maybe you were tense about the upcomeing exams...but...umm...she said that..." I could tell she wanted to laugh. That nervous nature had turned into utter amusement.


"It's funny if you think about it so don't be mad!" She smirked. "Really, I couldn't laugh in front of her, cause I had to act serious....but it's so funny!"

"Spit it out." I was both confused and amused.

"She thinks you've fallen for her boyfriend!" She burst into laughter. I joined her. This wasn't something I could be angry about. It was absolutely ridiculous...yet very much in her nature to believe so.

"Really?!" It was hilarious! "Why would I be angry, that so true after all!" Sarcasm had become my very good friend.

"Of course she is!!" Kiruba slipped next to us, joining in the conversation. "After all, Zoozoo's got nothing better to do in life, but be infatuated by Tatianna's boyfriend!" She laughed along with us. "I have a plan." She smiled, a sly little cat-like smile I
didn't see often.

"What?" I asked.  After sticking out her tongue, She bounded off.

During lunch break, she returned.

"Where'd you go?" I asked.

"To Tatianna." She smiled. Great...she was the one person I didn't want to get dirtied in my mess.  She smiled, "I told her, 'really, you think Xara
loves your boyfriend...' then laughed in her face, then said 'she'd sooner be
in love with you!' and walked away"

"WHAT! NO! She's not supposed to know I know!" Kiruba searched my face with her large brown eyes.

"Your smart, but not good at political games." Her eyes twinkled, she smiled. "

To this day I have no idea what she was thinking, but I began to see the brilliance of what she did. She showed Tatianna that there was nothing that could pull us three apart. Things slowly simmered to a halt. The sun rose every morning and the moon at night. The days just continued, till I thought my life would come to a halt.

" I promise, the day you tell a soul, the day you mention it to anyone, I will never look at you again, I promise."

The End

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