Ten- MaryMature

Mary, Mary was not a friend, she was a protector. She was the only light that shone for me in the dark, and never once did she ask for anything in return. If she wasn't there, our little group would have died before it was formed. Like the star on a Christmas tree, she was the apex of my world, she was one I owed more than everything too. But she had her darkness that haunted her, yet the strength to push it back. She had a strength I did not, a strength I envied.

She left at the end of standard 9. I remember. It was or third educational trip, one which was better than the last, but part of the blurred months. It’s the only instance that plays on my mind every night before I sleep, even in my dreams, when I pass Gelatos or Barista, it's her smile that comes to mind.

At the train station, we were being collected by our parents, going our separate ways. She told me she wouldn't be coming back to school. She was leaving. That was the night, on the balcony of the hotel, she had bore her heart to me, she had shown her darkness to me, and yet all I saw was her strength. And now, she was standing on a green bench, waving goodbye with both hands in the air, blowing kisses. And I did the same. All our promises of "Best friend forever" slipped like sand threw my fingers.

I never saw her again. I heard her name a few times, but after that day, I never heard from Mary. Still, I look at my mails everyday hoping to see her name, but it's never there and I doubt it ever will be.

"Thanks Mary, for your light. It only took a few days after you left, for everything else to crumble."



The End

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