The room was dark, cold. I was alone. The music playing in the disco hall blearing in my ears. My kajal dripped on the pillow casing as it fell with the tears. I dug my nails into my arm.

"Xara!" A familiar voice. Mary switched the lights on. "Oy! Woman! UP! UP! Time to Disco!" Quickly drying my eyes, I pretended to awake from sleep.

"Too sleepy..."

"Are you still bumed about Tat's saying you looked like a fat whore in her shirt?" She asked.

"No..." I answered.

"She's an idiot. Its cause she got no t!t$. So her shirts are made for abnormally flat chested people," She laughed. "Not for normal female bodies. So chill out, and come on, you look fine!"

"I’m going to sleep"

"Then I’m coming to bed too!!" She slipped in the covers.

The room went dark. But I didn't cry any more.

"So...Why is always that guys think they know more about girls than girls know about themselves?" She asked. We talked. Of course, I can barely remember since the conversation was (as always) frivolous and fruitless, but I remember the elevated feeling it gave me.

Before long, the lights were back on. Tat's came in followed by Kara.

"Worst disco ever..." Kara muttered.

"Come on! We're going to have our own party!" Tats had this air of innocents about her, this air of happiness, which meant one thing...Jamal said something to make her happy. Only he knew how to make her tick, they were perfect for each other.

The rest of the night, became a giant photo session. They'd put the camera on night mode, and were taking pictures. Putting my hair in front of my face, I slipped in between Mary and Tats, who were taking a picture of themselves together. The resounding scream meant success!

"Xara! With your hair like that, you could be the girl from that creepy movie…I think it was The Ring?" Mary commented. Kara was too busy laughing to comment.

"I aint getting any sleep tonight!" Tat's was laughing. For the first time, in a long time we were all happy in that room. If only these moments could have last forever. But they wouldn't. We were changing,  change is the only absolute in this world, so there was nothing we could do about it, but let it go.

The End

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