When Skies are Gray

Gray clouds hung low over the city. April was just beginning, and everyone knows what that means.

April Showers

May bring Flowers.

Little Renna and Matey were sitting in the living room; each perfectly content to skid toy cars across the floor, or brush a Barbie doll's hair.

"Mommy, I'm hungry" Matey said loudly, banging a little red car on the carpet.

"Hold on, Matt," his mother said impatiently. Returning to her conversation with her husband on the phone, she said, "What do you mean you're not coming home until Friday? We talked about this last week before you left! You promised me you would be home for Renna's birthday! That's Thursday! Or are you so absorbed with your job that you've forgotten that?"

"Marissa, calm down. There's nothing I can do about it. Larry got held back in traffic, and the meeting had to postponed until tomorrow. I'm sorry that the cards I was delt don't agree with you," he replied, starting to lose his temper to.

"Tom, don't tell me to calm down! It's Renna's third birthday, and you promised you would be there. Does that mean anything to you? Or was it just something you said to get me off your back! Tom, tell your boss that you can't be at the meeting with him. He doesn't necessarily need you there anyway, and you are going to be there for Renna's birthday," Marissa said crossly.

In the living room, Renna's little toy brush slipped under the couch, and Renna, realizing that she couldn't reach it, began to cry.

"Marissa, please," Tom started to say.

"Renna's crying. I have to go. Bye Tom," she cut him off.

"Bye, Rissa. I love you," he said with a resigned sigh.

"Love you too."

After hanging up the phone, Marissa crossed the threshold of the living room and scooped up Renna, beginning to sing.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray."

In a few minutes, Renna stopped crying. Marissa returned to the kitchen to make lunch for the kids.

The End

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