A new friend

But then Kaida was gone, the sounf of her bark was muffled. She couldn't leave me, not now. I supposed I should go and find out where she went and what she was barking at. Plus it wouldn't do to be alone in this creepy building, anything could happen, who knows what dangers were out there.

I found Kaida down a corridor not far away, and it was deserted. She had quietened down and was looking lost. She was sniffing about.

'What you barking about Kai. What's up, hey?'

She ran off round the corner, growling. A boy stepped out with his hands up, Kaida running around his ankles. I couldn't see him properly  because there was a huge window behind him with sunlight pouring through it. He moved slowly towards me but I wasn't scared. By his height I could tellt hat he was only about twelve.

He coudln't hurt me, if that was his intention. Didn't he know not to hit a girl, anyway? I was mainly just hoping that he would be able to find the way out.

Now he was close enough for me to see that he had longish black hair and pale skin. Just then, the ground shook again, even more violently. He grabbed me round the waist and dived under a table, just as stones and bricks started falling all around us. The ceiling was falling in.

We just lay there, face down under the table until everything settled, and a few minutes after. I led out of a small hole throught the rubble to safe, steady ground.

'Sorry if I frightened you there. I-' he started

'Don't you dare apologise! You just saved my life. I wouldn't have known that was about to fall in. I didn't know it was so weak.' I said as I brushed the dust off of my clothes.

'That ceiling was always weak.'

'You sound like you know this place?'

'I've already checked all the exits and they're all blocked. Do you really think I'd still be here if I'd found a way up?' He had read my mind.

Then I remembered Kaida and nearly screamed.

The End

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