Once inside the plant, I drifted away from my family a bit. I found it a bit boring really. I wandered off, avoiding any of the devilwurkers at all costs. I settled down behind a tank in a room just out of the way and started to read. Of course Kaida followed me, she always does. She nestled up in my lap and we fell asleep.

The next thing we knew was being violently shook. I had never felt anything like it, it was very scary. I didn't know what was happening. I thought to look for my mother but it was over before I knew it. Plus the fact I had no idea where she was now. So I huddled closer to the tank, further into the corner and waited for help.

It would probably be the wurkers, I thought. What if the reason why we were all here toaday was for them to experiment on? That thought struck my mind like a kingfisher dives into water. And it hurt like the piercing of skin.

The ground was shaking again. Why? Would it ever stop? This time it was worse. It was crazy and violent. I heard distant screams. People ran past the door. Wurkers. Maybe one of their experiments went wrong? What if they were looking for me? What if they found me? I huddled back further into the corner and the building went silent.

The End

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