The building was big. By big I mean BIG. It scared me. That was foolish really, but as an eight year old girl who's never left Sendei I don't really know any different.

So I'm walking towards this huge place with mother on my left and father on my left, with no idea why. And there are these...these...things milling around. They're at least six feet tall; taller than father anyway. They are covered in a yellow plasticy skin and where their mouth and nose should have been, were two metallic cylinders with tiny holes in the end. However they had human eyes, only to be covered by large, black sunglasses

Aliens, I thought.

'What are those father?' I whispered.

'Those, my pumpkin, are workers.' was the reply in a comforting, reassuring voice.

Wurkers. Evil. Alien. They weren't from this world, they weren't from anywhere beyond. I decided that this was what we were here to see. This was the factory where made. Creations.

'Is this their factory?' I wondered aloud.

'I suppose you could call it that darling,'  said father, his voice like a soft warm blanket. Comfort

The wurker factory.

The End

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