Little Dio's blightMature

This is based on my best buddy's Fan Fiction where her two favourite characters falls in love. :3
You must realize that Sieghart and Dio are already lovers, but Sieg was sent back in time and met little Dio. Also, Little Dio does not know Sieghart's name.
This is a short story.

  "Hmm, I really do wonder where you're hiding," Sieghart grinned. He knew where little Dio was hiding and was only prolonging the end so that his little friend could enjoy hide-and-seek.

  "I'm over here silly!" Dio leaped out from the tree tops. Sieghart exploded in awe when Dio grinned, together with twigs and leaves leaving a mess of his luscious purple hair. Dio threw himself at the other male, wrapping his small limbs around Sieghart tightly

 "You little bundle of joy!" Sieghart laughed and tickled him. Dio churred and gurgled from laughter. Suddenly, Dio got serious and stared deep into his eyes. Sieghart gave a little jolt and stared back, looking within Dio's eyes. They glow with the depth of universal love, casting off stardust as a diamond casts fire and they smoulder like embers of a fire in a desert night, just as his lover had. After what seemed like eternity, Dio gave a little yelp.

 "I've decided!" Dio glared seriously,"when I get older, I'm making you my wife!" Sieghart blushed heavily as he took his left hand to cover part of his face.

 "Wh-what? You do realize that I'm a guy?"

 "I~ Don't~ give a damn!"

 "Wh..." Sieghart's hands are now concealing his face. Even though his love was now younger, he still wanted to punish him severely for making him blush so much. He knew he had to resist that thought though since this Dio was young, honest and very innocent.

 "I must not tamper with his innocence for the future!" Sieghart cried out in his thoughts. This gave him an unbearable ache in his throbbing chest. He missed his lover, yet he also did not want to leave his petite version behind either. It was a great dilemma but he knew that soon, he would have to leave the little one. A hot tear rolled down his cheek.

 "Hey?" Dio caressed the man's soft velvet hair. He hoped that he did not get rejected.

 "I'm fine, I was just so happy when you said it," he smiled and patted on Dio's hair, clearing out the mess. Dio's face lit up with relief and he hugged tighter onto the other male.

  "Come, let's give you a wash-up, you stink!" he churred softly. Dio ran up ahead pointing out the beauties of the forest.

 "Slow down, you may fa-"


 "Dio!" Sieghart ran towards him. Dio had recieved a painful cut from the fall right on his left toe.

 "You're the silly one! Be  careful from now on!" Sieghart snapped. Dio looked up, sobbing not from the fall, but from his cutting words. Realization swept  across Sieghart's face.

 "I... I'm sorry. I got worried for you and got mad," Sieghart said apologetically.

 "It's okay!" Dio patted his hair," I got careless". Dio smiled kindly at Sieghart. He swept his miniature lover off his feet and carried him gently to the large lake. He placed him ever so gently on a log.

 "Stay here, I'll be leaving shortly to get materials to treat your wound" Sieghart kissed his lover's forehead and left.

 Dio, being left alone began to look around the lake. Even though he had been here countless times, he still thought that the scenery was extremely beautiful. It was like a huge space of blue with the sun bouncing off it's surface.

 He walked painfully to the edge of the lake. The pebbles crunched under his foot. He thought the sounds was soothing, though he did not know why. When he reached, he peered into the depths. At first, there were only the tiny insects and water plants. After awhile, shadows became more apparent, darting around the weeds.

15 minutes later

 "I'm back," Sieghart called out. There was not a sign of his lover anywhere. His heart gave a little jolt.

 "Dio? We ain't playing hide-and-seek here. You're injured!" Sieghart called out again, this time louder. His heart began to thump fast and hard. Little beads of sweat rolled down from his forehead.He threw his basket of medicine and ran to the lake. He spun around, looking for his dear boy yet he was not anywhere in his sight.

 "Diooooo!" He shrieked. His eyes widened in fear. He should not have let him out of his sight. He should have brought him along.

"I'm such a fucking idiot!" He yelled to himself. He grabbed hold of his hair and started pulling. He could not accept the fact that his love could be in danger, without protection. His heart palpitated harder against his ribs as each second passed.

 He grabbed hold of a huge tree and tore it off its roots. He annihilated everything down his path.

 "Dio, I will never let you get hurt!" he roared with great tenacity. He was determined to find him unharmed. Blasts of deep purple swirled around him, burning down even more plants. Huge rock formations shattered into fragments and huge craters were dug into the ground. His rage was unstoppable.

 Well almost.

 "Wife..?" Sieghart spun towards the sound. Dio looked at him in dismay after witnessing the destruction caused by his self-proclaimed bride to be.

 "Dio!" Sieghart broke down and cried. His tears stained the ground. Shivering with shock, Sieghart grabbed the boy onto his chest.

 "How could you leave me like that! I was so worried, Dio! Dio!" Sieghart bawled.

 "I'm sorry.." Dio began to cry too," I just wanted to give you this." He took Sieghart's hand and placed a badly crafted ring made from granite.

 "It's your wedding ring," Dio looked away and blushed," I dug some pretty rock but it was too hard for me to cut, so this had to do..." Dio was ashamed of himself. The ring he gave to the person he loved was horrid and ugly. He looked up.

 "I love it!" Sieghart cried," I'm so happy you made this for me." Dio buried his face onto his fiance's chest.

 After treating Dio's wound, Sieghart carried him back to his sanctuary. Sieghart was more determined than ever to keep his love one safe, forever.



The End

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