The librarian in Dark Library was a vampire, and a very old one at that. She was one of those free peace creatures, which was good or else there would be a lot of cleaning up to do when ever an alien, werewolf, or zombie came by to check out a book. Her street name was Tara Lawrence, but every creature that came down to the library knew her real name was Tsvetanka Monti.

"Hi, Mrs. Monti," I spoke quietly as I stepped up to her desk.

"Hi, Liz. Who's your zombie friend?" She looked up from her book.

"Red Riding Hood," I beckoned her over to stand next to me, from where she was previously standing a few yards away.

"Liz..." she gave me a look, kind of befuddled that Red was a zombie. From a book.

"I know, I know. No, Dad doesn't know I'm hanging out with a zombie. No, if he knew, he wouldn't be happy," I went through the questions she usually asks if I come into the library with a non-werewolf.

Tsvetanka sighed. "Okay, what book are you looking for today?"

"Something about zombies. Red doesn't know why she is one."

"Look in the Z.E section."

Our library system, by the way, is far different than your Dewey Decimal system. Too complex to explain. But way awesome.

Red and I floated along past the tall shelves all the way to the back, where the Z section was.

The End

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