Dark Library

We stood in front of a subway entrance. The stairs led down into darkness and the railing was rusted. The buildings around us were falling down and inhabited mostly by hobos and creatures who couldn't make it in the human world.

"We're taking a subway to the Dark Library?" Red looked unsurely down the steps.

"No. Just follow me," I started to descend the stairs that not even the craziest hobo would descend.

I stopped every now and then so my eyes could adjust to the dark. I could've turned into a werewolf or at least changed my head into one so I could see better, but I was afraid that if I did, instinct would take over and I would hurt Red.

At the end of the stairs I stopped. I heard Red's footfalls close behind. Breathing in the cold, dirty air, I walked to the platform right in front and above the track. I turned to Red. "Ready?"

"For what?" It was easy to see that she didn't know what was going on.

I grabbed her hand. "Get ready to jump."

"Wait.... Huh?" 

I pulled her to the edge and dived to where the tracks would be. Red screamed as we fell through the hole. Grinning, I enjoyed the feel of the wind through my hair. I was used to this. I was always visiting the library.

Then we landed on Jgoup. "Hi Jgoup!" I shouted as I landed.

"Hi Liz!" Jgoup's voice was deep and loud. (Oh, yeah. My name's Elizabeth. I can't believe I forgot to tell you.)

Jgoup was a humongous alien that was fun to land on. He didn't feel any pain when you landed on him, and that's why he got the job to wait at the bottom of the hole.

I rolled to the end of Jgoup and helped Red off. We walked down the hallway and a dim source of light slowly came closer. We entered the library.

I stopped in the doorway. "Welcome to Dark Library."

The End

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