Meeting the Parents

I manage to make it through the front room without a squeak of the floorboards. Making Red stay in the kitchen, I check to see if mom or dad are in the next rooms. Hm. They must be sleeping. I guess they're going out tonight.

I go over to Red. "Red, I know our kind are mortal enemies, but..." I scream.

Red had managed to accedentally lose her left hand in the minute I was gone. No blood seeped out. It was a little creepy. I knew zombies didn't bleed, but I never saw a zombie before. The ceiling creaked, and I knew I woke someone.

"Oh no!" I groaned. "You have to hide! But where?"

She quietly began pulling her limbs off, and put her legs and one arm in the freezer. With her remaining arm, she dragged herself into the pantry. As soon as the pantry door closed, dad stepped into the room. "What can you be screaming about? If you didn't notice, your mother and I are trying to rest up for tonight! What would be so scary-"

He sniffed and wrinkled up his nose. "Is that?"

I started to persperate. "Is that what?" I tried to hide the fear in my voice. This couldn't end well.

"Zombie?" Dad growled, and began to morph into a seven foot tall, muscle-ripped wolfman with wiry brown fur and dagger teeth and claws.

"Um..." I knew I had to come up with something. Aha! The truth! "My frisbee flew into the cemetery so I probably smell like that now..."

He paused mid-morph and growled a little. He returned to dad form and sulked out of the kitchen.

I heard a tapping noise by my feet.

Red's hand!

I seized it and threw it into the cabinet behind me.

Dad popped his head back into the kitchen and narrowed his eyes, and I smiled sheepishly in response. He left, mumbling.

The End

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