Grandpa's news

this is the story of a Grandfather that gets diagnosed with lung cancer.. he has a son name, Little Christopher and Little Christopher come to see his Grandpa often in the hospital. His Grandpa is a story teller of sorts. Telling Little Christopher stories of his life, through his trials of the past, and by doing this could save not only Little Christopher but Grandpa as well.. here is the first chapter-


Grandpa's news


Watching reruns on the television on the corner of the wall in the hospital for the last three hours now! This is what I been doing for days! I been waiting on this hospital bed for my results.. Will it be good news or will it be bad news..

I came in last week because I had a bad bug, and one day I got dizzy and fell. So my wife thought it was a good Idea I go in and get checked out. The doctor walks in and has a worried look on his face!

He walks in and tells me I have cancer. I look at him and said, Really wow, I made joke, “ I came in with a bump on my head, and now I have cancer.”

The doctor says to me, “making jokes, well it’s really not funny, but you are taking It lightly.” Well its only cancer, Im not dead! You should take this serious, this is a life altering thing sir. “Maybe so, but if I am still breathing, I am still living.” True, the doctor said, but you are sick so we need to make a plan for yourself! My plan my plan is to live the rest of my life. Today I feel really good, today is a good day. Thanks for telling me the news doctor.

Ok, the doctor says.. I will give you some time for yourself to be alone. Thanks Doc! As the doctor was leaving the room I told him. Yes cancer is some big news but I am bigger (with a big smile on my face) my grandson stormed right passed the doctor into the room, jumped on my bed.

Grandpa, Grandpa guess what! What I said, “I came to see yah and, grandma is down in the gift shop.” The doctor says, just in time for visiting hours.. I will leave you be.

How are you today little Christopher? “I am doing Great! ”Christopher explains to Grandpa with big eyes. I want you to tell me a story! I came for a good story Grandpa.

Ok little buddy I think I have one for you today! Grandpa what is wrong with you? What did that doctor say? Are you sick or something? Don't worry your handsome face little Christopher. Grandpa will be ok. I would like to get into my story little man! Tell me what’s wrong with you first Grandpa, then you can get to the story.

Tell me Grandpa, I am your Grandson you can be honest with me. Ok Little Christopher, the doctor says I am sick but I will be ok. It is nothing to worry about. That is why I am hear so the doctors and nurses can get me all better. And you know what else is going to make me feel a lot better, you coming to see me today. I also have the magic cure little Christopher, “Grandpa said.” What's that Grandpa? The absolute knowing that it's all going to be ok. You are bringing positivity to my heart! You are helping me right now with you young beautiful soul being here.

Your love is what is going to help me feel better little Christopher. You're silly Grandpa, (giggling with a big smile on his face.) It's the truth I tell yah (cough, cough) thanks for helping me get better. Story time Grandpa, it's story time.

A nurse walked in at that moment! Sir the doctor needs to see you here in a few minutes and take some tests, he will be in shortly. Your visitors need to come back later! Little Christopher automatically got a sad face! “Grandpa, you were going to share a special story with me.” I will tell you in a little bit the doctor needs to talk to me right now. Here is some money go down and meet your Grandma at the gift shop, maybe get you guys something to eat..

Little Christopher jumps off the bed, Grandpa tells him come back in like an hour, the doctor will be done soon. Ok little Christopher said, I will find Grandma and tell her we need to get some dinner. And when I get back I want a real good story. Little Christopher runs down the hall to find Grandma. The nurse just standing there, she finally speaks. Tells me the doctor will see me shortly. I told the nurse that was my Grandson that just took off down the hall. Isn't he wonderful. The nurse replied, “yes he seems precious.”

Now the doctor will be in here in a few minutes to talk about treatment methods. Ok well I won't be needing none of them.. You and the doctor can discuss those options, the nurse replies.

The doctor walks in with his clipboard looks right at me, we need to take some blood from you and run a couple test. What tests we have taken already says you have lung cancer. Do you smoke sir?

I quite about 6 months ago doc. Ah I see ok, the doc says in a serious manor. Really good thing you stopped smoking when you did! You have what is known as small cell lung cancer. And it is at its small stages the test show.

Now we have to talk about some treatment options we can do for you. Now you have a few treatment options we can look at today. Since it is so early in the cancer stages, you can get surgerry in a couple days and we can try and get what we see on the lung. You could start Chemotherapy, and that might be an option even after surgery when and if we don’t find it all. There is radiation therapy. And with these options any one you choose there are different medications you have to take.

The doctor says, “I know none of this is what you ask for but you need to take a look at what you want to do. I don’t need to do any of this, I want to just live the rest of my life, live without taking any medication or being hooked up to any machine for any of your therapies. I don’t need chemicals in my body that makes me lose my hair, gets me sick where I am always throwing up and can't get out of bed. I want to live my life without suffering like that.

So what you are saying is you want to go through this without any treatment, “the doctor says.” Yes doctor that is exactly what I am saying, as some would say all natural! When it’s my time its my time. I am sixty seven years old, I don’t need to spending the rest of my days taking pills hooked up to machines. Can I make a suggestion sir, “the doc replies.” Sure doc, I suggest you think about this decision, talk it over with your family.

Ok doctor thanks for letting me know what is going on with me. I will let you be! The doctor left. As I laid in bed and thought about everything the doctor said, I was really ok with the decision myself had already made. I knew my family would agree with me. This is my decision and they would totally understand that I don’t want to live with any treatment and being sick all the time.

Shortly after, laying there in the hospital bed for several minutes. I started thinking to myself little Christopher should be back soon, maybe with grandma this time. Thinking to myself how I should break the knews to my wife. I think to myself she is of course going to be sad. But I do know she isn't going to want me sick all the time with these treatments the doctor told me about.

Im laying in bed thinking to myself they should be back up any moment now to come see me. I will send little Christopher off for a few minutes while I talk with Grandma.

Thinking how I am going to bring the news. I guess I will just spill it out, just tell her. I look out of the door of my hospital room at that very moment and see little Christopher and Grandma walk down the hall towards my direction. Hand and hand they come chatting down the hall.

I hear them laughing and giggling with each other from down the hall. And I am smiling in my bed in pure delight smiling at the whole situation that I see grandma and little Christopher so happy. It put a smile on m face to see that joy down the hall.

Little Christopher runs in the room first, Grandpa Grandpa I found Grandma! He jumps on the bed and gives me a big hug. I love you Grandpa! Thanks buddy I love you too, what a warm welcoming. Grandma standing there by the door and just smiles our direction. Grandma can we take Grandpa with us down for dinner now like we talked about? Yes we can, I am sure he is hungry none of us have ate yet. We were waiting for you honey to go back down and eat. We just been spending all this time down shopping at the gift shop.

Well that sounds like a great idea, Grandpa said! I haven't ate anything since breakfast and I am starving. I am sure its been awhile for the both of you since you all ate. A nice meal with my two favorite people sound fantastic. Looking forward to see what the hospital here has to eat. I been stuck on this hospital bed for hours, its time to move. Just in time little Christopher do you want to push this button on my bed. What’s that for? Little Christopher asked. That is to call the nurse. I am suppose to travel around here in one of their wheelchairs. Even though Grandpa can walk just fine of course it is hospital policy that how I get around. Silly isn't it, Grandpa says. Ok I will push the button to get you a chair, I am hungry I want some food. Little Christopher says with a smile on his face. Minutes later the intercom comes on, “Yes sir what can I get for you?” I would like a wheelchair so me and my family can get down to the cafeteria for dinner. “Ok be right with you sir.” A few minutes of laughing with the family the nurse walks in with the wheelchair. Alright here is your chair, the three of you take your time and enjoy your dinner. Thank you nurse, “little Christopher says!” The nurse says we will see you later. Ok let’s go get something to eat! Eager little Christopher is the first one to leave the hospital room. When you have a few moments dear I need to talk with you, “Grandpa says to Grandma.” Ok sure, what is it is everything ok? Go ahead little Christopher to the cafeteria and save ourselves a table for three we will me and Grandma will be right behind yah.

Ok Grandpa, hurry up you two I am starving! Little Christopher runs off. What's going on dear? “grandma asks!” Well honey I am just going to tell you. The doctor tells me I have lung cancer! What are you serious, Is that what the doctor said to you? Are you sure they are right? How I mean? Can you get checked out again?

Yes It really is lung cancer. But you know what dear it is really going to be alright! I know it really sounds serious, but I have a good feeling that it is going to be ok. The doctors ran some test and they gave me a bunch of treatment options I can do. And I know you aren't going to like this honey but I don't want to do any of them.

WHAT! Grandma said in an excited voice. Why the hell wouldn't you get on any of the treatments dear. Those treatments are of course there for a reason. I mean it is lung cancer for God sake. Are they sure thats what it is, lung cancer?

When did you get all this news? Just a little bit ago while you were down in the gift shop. So yes this is all fresh and brand new. But the way I see it, yes I have lung cancer and I can make it a real big deal or just accept that's what has happen to me, and just live the rest of my life with you and my family the best I know how. Do you understand where I am coming from?

I mean with the treatments they told me about, yes it might help my cancer. But I will be sick all the time, one thing dear, I will lose my hair (smirking). I will be giving all sorts of medications to take on a daily basis. I don't want any of that (cough, cough).

I want to live my life without any of that management. I believe that I have many years left before I go on to my next life. I don't want the rest of my years and be in pain! I believe this lung cancer the doctor's say I have can vanish with the love in my family and living the rest of my life my way. And if it’s always there, well so be it. I will be happy!

And I will always be happy, I have you and the love in my heart dear I have for you is everlasting. The strength I have with you as my other half is just amazing, more than words really. and I know with that I can get through this.

This is a diagnosis from the doctors anyway, in my opinion it’s not set in stone. Come here dear give me a hug! Just know you are the love in of my life and nothing gets in the way of that. Grandma says to grandpa, “whatever you decide I am behind you all the way.” it all sounds very scary and it’s all uncertain, but also I see your point of view and where you are coming from. Give me a kiss! I love you with all my heart, you are my life. I just want you by my side whatever you decide. (Grandma gives Grandpa a big kiss) we better get to the cafeteria before little Christopher starts to worry about where we are at.

Grandma helps Grandpa with the wheelchair and begins to push it down the hall of the hospital. Let’s see where is that cafeteria Grandpa asks! “It’s this way” Grandma says I know where we are going we got to take this elevator here, and it will take us right there.

Ooooh I love elevators honey! Maybe we can have a make out session! Grandma laughs, “hehehehe you're so silly!” That's how I fell in love with you in the first place, with your child like silly heart. Grandma sits on Grandpa's lap once in the elevator with arms around each other. I am so glad you embraced my silliness, I love you so much. We have made it through so much we can definetly without a doubt in my mind make it through this.



The End

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