Little Boy Blue

Today was the day, the arrival of little boy blue. Dressed to impress and much more well-mannered than the rest. His choice of clothes were obviously blue, blue jeans,  striped blue jumper and a tightly fitted wooly hat to match. He woke up to his bright and beautiful day with a spring in his step, till midday he cheered good morning to all strangers and bidded them farewell if they did not answer. He was a good little boy, little boy blue. there was very little he knew about the world, but that didnt hinder his loving, good-nature. Sods and bastards would pass by, they would sneer and scorn, but this did not bother little boy blue and off he went to his favourite secondary school. 


P.E was his favourite subject, he would bounce his way into the sandpit, bound up the dangling rope and whizz the giant javelin through the air. He enjoyed all of this, far more than the rest. The mathematics was slightly dull, but he made light-work of it, the science was dangerous but he was a safety fanatic and the english, well he was just superb at english! No-one really had a problem with him inside the school sure some students might have thrown the odd snide remark but that didn't bother little boy blue, he just stood tall and considered them jealous that he was doing better than them. 


GCSE's came along and little boy blue and his family celebrated his GCSE results 2 A stars, 6 A's and 1B. He was vey proud with this and instantly handed in his applications to the hottest universities in the town and surrounding areas. His parent's were delighted, they really were proud.


However one thing stood in the back of their mind's, realy everything look exceedingly good for him.................................... but what kind of future was in store for little boy blue? 


The End

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