Little Black DressMature

Sit by the bar, darling. Numb. Broken.

The girl sat at the bar, looking downcast. She coughed violently for a few moments, and when she pulled her hand away, it was smeared with red. She grimaced and ordered a drink. When she grabbed the bottle by the neck, her hands were shaking violently. So violently, in fact, that she dropped it on the ground, where it smashed into a million tiny pieces. She sighed and ordered another, while the bartender called someone to pick up the mess.

From a distance, she looked alright. Once you got up close, however, you would see that something was terribly wrong. Blue and purple bruises covered her arms, all the way up to her shirt sleeve, and probably underneath. There was a slit down her cheek, the gash seeping blood. Yellowing bruises covered her face. You could see that she was covered in a layer of grime, and tear tracks made shiny lines through it.

She was wearing a short black dress, baring most of her skin, but tights covered her legs. She placed the drink to her lips and took a sip, feeling the refreshing numbness of the alcohol. She placed the bottle back on the table, expelling a large breath. She stood up, just as a man walked over. She slapped him, and walked out on to the dancefloor. Jade was taken.

The End

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