Little Billy Asserson's ChristoweenMature

Twas' the day before Christoween and all the children were sacrificing their parents and dogs to Cthulhu. Cthulhu, being the mascot for Christoween, desires the souls of loved ones. In turn he gives out useless junk that kids will love cause they're gifts. Everybody's happy. All the kids were doing it! If not, they were known as loser bitch ass cowards and get beaten up by cops with spiked bats.

Little Billy Asserson was different though, he didn't desire such gifts. He loved his parents and dogs. He didn't want anything bad to happen to them, but he didn't want to get called a loser bitchh ass coward and get beaten up by cops. Life was hard for him, he didn't want to get new parents like the rest of the kids. All kids who sacrifice their parents always get new ones, but Billy loved his current set of parents. They always made funny noises at night. They're the nicest set of parents he's ever had. They always get him want he wants and never slaps him like the others.

Billy's a loner at school. He has no friends because he's a pussy and can't get laid like the other kids do. Life's hard for a 9 year old. "Hey look, it's the fucking loser bitch ass pussy!" kids always yelled that at him. Always the same thing. Billy didn't like it.

When the time came, Christoween night approached. Time was running short. Billy stared at the sacrificing tool, a rusty chainsaw with spoons attached to it. The spoons were wooden and would be used to scoop out his parent's eyes. Billy always loved that part, but not this time. He loved his parents. Speaking of whom, they knocked on Billy's door. They were ready but Billy wasn't. "C'mon son you pussy ass coward. Kill us. We did the same with all our sets of parents!". Billy didn't like this language, he thought they were different. So Billy started the chainsaw and ripped open his dad's chest. He then took a fork he had in his closet and stabbed it in his father's organs. He took each organ out, one at a time. He cried tears of sorrow cause he's a fucking pussy. He took his father's intestines out and put them to the side. Afterwards he scooped his father's eyes out, sewing them to his intestines. He put it on his father's neck as a necklace.

Time came for his mother. She was still alive, but ready. He lunged the spoon into her skull and scooped some brain out. Now dead, he looked at her. He tore her shirt off and squeezed her breasts. He then took his chainsaw and cut them off. Then he cut open her skin and looked that the muscle. Before he could do anything else, Cthulhu came down the chimney. "YOU HAVE DONE WELL CHILD. HAIL ME!" Cthulhu shouted. Billy did the Cthulhu Hailing Dance of Super Happy Fun Time and Other Overused Titles and Stuff. Cthulhu pleased, took the offerings and gave Billy socks. Billy loved the socks.

The End

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