The prophecy of the Golden Haired One

There is a prophecy saying that there will be a golden haired one who will live and adventurous life. She will have a special blessing but with that blessing came a curse.

The girl with the golden hair be born,
In lands where gold falls out at youth.
And stay and glow with beauty bright,
Unknown and covered before the plight.

The girl be blessed, blessed with radiance,
But cursed she is and most with malice.
For those who live a blessed life,
Live also a life of tragic sorrow.

Her loved ones shall die an early death,
The ones that help her will get lost.
And death shall forever haunt those who see,
The golden radiance of her bright hair.

Yet one will strive, above all else,
And break to curse and defeat the spell.
And win the love of the cursed blessed,
The girl the one with golden hair.

The End

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