Azzasmar's Story

Calenfir was born onto the streets, parentless and abandoned. He was laughed at and made fun of and a jealousy grew slowly in his heart. He wanted to be like the other boys, rich, healthy, happy.

One day, as Calenfir sat pondering on the streets in anguish, a tall shadow broke his train of thought. A tall man loomed over him and stared down at him with harsh black eyes. His name was Hilssur. Hilssur was a dark wizard and practiced the arts of the dark. He offered Calenfir the ways of dark magic as he saw Calenfir’s jealousy and want burning in his eyes.

Calenfir became Hilssur’s apprentice and learned the arts of dark magic. He was quite talented and learned quite quickly until the day came that he surpass his master. That day, he defeated Hilssur and kicked him out of Iodur. Hilssur retreated to the north and hid inside Valendir, an abandoned watchtower. Calenfir changed his name then to Azzasmar, meaning One who rises above. He became known as the infamous one and was shunned. He disguised himself and entered the kings court as an advisor. This is when he decided to wreck havoc on Lithilen first by causing a plague. He continued to poison the king mind and eventaully the War of the Elders began. Races, previously unknown to each other became allies and defeated him at Farthingsor. Arengalf, the high wizard, scattered his spirit but it was not completely dispersed. He began reform and now, many years later, he is rising again.

The End

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