Creation Myth

Lore, myths, and other things about Lithilen.
*Note: These are all really crude outlines of the acutal story. Meaning that they're going to be a little dry and boring.
(for more info, check out Guide to Lithilen)

Water always existed. It was always just there and always flowing. Creatures came and gathered in the water and the water became bustling with life. Everyone was content until one day someone became curious about what was above water. And that curiosity led to changes.

It started out with simply just sticking their head out of the water. The sun’s brightness surprised them. The sky was so blue, the clouds so white. they had never seen anything so beautiful. They could only stay above water for a little while (for they hadn’t learned to breath above water yet), but the beauty was forever imprinted in their hearts and they would constantly come back to the surface to view the sky and the clouds. Eventually, they grew the ability to breath above water and grew to love the sweet taste of the fresh air of the above. They thirsted for more and finally decided on the creation of land.

Everyone in the water worked together to build up the land, scooping dirt from one area and dropping into a pile in another. After hundred of years, even after many generations, the islands were complete, for their love of the above never ceased to flow.

When the land was finished, the creatures climbed up onto the shore. Slowly, they lost their fins and scales and grew legs instead. They used their gills no more and developed lungs instead. They were the most original beings of life on land (with the exception of the Elves, which were land beings to start with and lived on the ice, later moving to warmer regions after the creation of land). They started to form together and eventually developed into a civilization, never losing their love of the land. But some still think of the sea and others go back. But most have stayed to breathe in the free and fresh air of the above.

The End

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