A fatal step

 As Kansas Rhodes takes the first tentative steps into the place of bone smells, descending the smooth worn stone steps where, with each step, the temperature lowers into a cool cave climate, the torch light takes with it an unwitting passenger. 

The amorous male moth is attracted to the firebrand in a way that may be  explained away by some shaky science suggesting the female emits a pheromone with a frequency almost identical to certain spectra emissions of flame.

Whatever its reasons, the moth pursues the object of his affections with fervor into the mysterious depths of the ancient stone palace, fluttering here and there while occasionally swooping in masochist displays of daring to veer away at the very last moment emitting tendrils of smoke.

Something monstrous agitates the localized air currents and the moth is thrown into a turbulence he navigates with instinctive mastery, beating tiny whorls into the slipstream in a vain attempt to seize the opportunity for romance with the diminished heat of the guttering torch.

A ripple of sound reverberates as Kansas fires his gun and the moth is pressed against the bow wave. He is torn from his love, rising high through strata of confused currents, his poor friction buffeted wings shedding a trail of moth dust. Despair pulses through its small being as it twists helplessly in a force beyond his control, and as soon as he is released from its cruel grip, something arrests his senses.

A sensual smell of long lazy strands of light! His old flame is promptly forgotten as his evolutionary mandate is bolstered with determination, vitality surging through his wounded instruments of flight. He sets after the golden object chasing titillating specific spectrum photons that awake something primal and pulsing within, beating his wings like the apocalypse was afoot.

He transcribes a helical descent, prolonging that agonizing instant of sweet separation for a short eternity before that intensely anticipated moment of blissful transmission. The moth, approaching the ethereal artifact, flourishes his wings one final time, extending with elegant grace tarsi to delicately, tenderly alight with stippled step upon the halcyon sheen.

The End

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