Shadows disturbed

They scatter, recoiling from the light in alarum, like a startled shoal of strange piscine beings. After a moment of disorientation, they find themselves content to dance at the fuzzy periphery where light confuses itself with darkness.

The being holding the source of illumination aloft, he treads like one disturbing a mausoleum, with wary respect touched by a fear of ghosts. The shadow gods titter in their gloaming language, darting to and fro in the motile penumbra, clawing at their enthralled smiles with diaphanous gestures. They've been lonely too long, lost in the formless slumber of light, drifting to the beat of the monstrous hearts lining the stone rotunda.

They flock by the hundreds, layers of unseen shades changing order at the fringe of soot light, and exclaim their wonder at the strange organic angularity moving so, pointing out the many delightful delineations of shadow.

Oh! What wonderful places to hide! The coastal shape of alternating shades upon the philtrum! The shifting motifs of monochromatic symbol making! The phantasmagoria of the brow, where one may perch upon like glossy bats! The secret curling tendrils of that raven mane! The grotto hidden within the convoluted passages of the pinna!

Unwary of the happening, ignorant of the facts in their excitement, the soft growing of light, the poisonous emanations of the malignant totem in slow intensifying golden hues hems them in. They screech faint ghost burst exclamations that, browning, twirl aimlessly around frightened silhouettes to shatter in the light. 

The shadow gods congeal in frantic panic, intensifying what rivulets of shade that remain and fly along it, corpuscles in a veiny absence of light. They pool in the eaves of architectural artefacts, skip from atoll to atoll in burning wisps of shadow smoke substance. Their language is drowned in light, and they fade, sucked down the cool safety of the dark passages where they moan many misfortunes.

After a moment, one such passage blooms with diminutive light, and the shadow gods within follow its flight deep into the bowels of the petrified stone god with glee.

The End

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