Shanaz from Holme House, kept writing her political articles, she is released temporarily from prison eventually after trying for a long time. She reports once a week and waits the endless wait of many others in her shoes. She decides to return to Kurdistan. Visiting Lucy one day, she is worried to see that she seems to be retreating in the past.


‘ Lucy, you cannot change the past you know, Just relax, forget it. People will always talk, you are doing ok. How is the baking going? Have you made any more of those baklava I like, or that lemon cake, man its good.


Shanaz had a confidence that men and their bombs could not erase.


Having made friends with some prominent Kurds living in London on her release she was offered money for cosmetic surgery and although reluctant she took the money. The changes took a long time and the first doctor on Harley street was not convinced that he could do much to help her, but the second did help and gradually her features actually began to resemble her original ones, although of course her hand could not be replaced.


Shanaz returned to a very different Kurdistan, with a degree to her name, a perfect command of English and a desire to make her own country an improved place. She set about fund raising in the local countries aiming to build a school in each town that Sadaam Husain had destroyed, something that the parties, too caught up for years in their battles over land with one another to really help the ordinary Joe had not done.


Shanaz regularly talked to a friend in Sweden who was well loved by his community and decided to write a book about his experiences in prison in Iran, to help him prepare his own mind for the future if nothing else, he would not be beaten or destroyed he thought as he finished writing the complaint he had been meaning to make about the local school children’s harassment for some time.


































The End

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