Chapter 23  SENTENCES

The trial progressed on over a few weeks and many many witnesses were called, police men and women. And old school friend of Lucy’s who said she was mad and then at the end of it all, the Jury went out to consider their verdict.

You are found guilty on the two counts of murder. There is only one sentence that I can rightly impose. You have taken the life of a talented young man, simply through spite and Jealously. You took the life of his girlfriend without any mercy. There is evidence of premeditation. Lists were found in your home to that effect as were items suggesting that you had tampered remotely with the iphones of both Mr. Johan and Alice.  you have play acted throughout. playacted at being unfit, that is the opinion of the learned psychiatrist.


we can’t go on together with suspicious minds, was playing first. then it was roxy music. ‘dressed to kill and guess who se dying, dance away the heart ache dance away the pain, dance away the heart ache. hand in hand with another guy, dressed to kill and guess whose dying.


Pandora Radio is playing, in Lucy Mathew’s head at least throughout. She missed the sentence.


You never give me your money, you only give me your explanations, invitations, celebrations. You never give me your number you only give me your motivations and in the middle of the explanation I hear the sounds.


The courtroom is packed. The Judge is alert, he wonders why Lucy did not react, sign of guilt perhaps.





The End

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