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After J was kidnapped and murdered, Lucy is arrested. An anonymous report had come through, her arrest led to the the denial of bail given the strength of the evidence within the Advanced Disclosure, the trial after several unavoidable delays progressed on over a few weeks and many many witnesses were called, police men and women.

 If she could have moved out, imagine what that would have been like, said her sister said to herself sometime later as they awaited the next trial date. 

Mr Self had been working hard on her defence.

and then the end of it all, the Jury went out to consider their verdict.



You are found guilty on the two counts of murder. There is only one sentence that I can rightly impose. You have taken the life of a talented young man, simply through spite and Jealously. You took the life of his girlfriend without any mercy. There is evidence of premeditation. Lists were found in your home to that effect as were items suggesting that you had tampered remotely with the phones of both Mr. Johan and Alice.  you have play acted throughout. playacted at being unfit, that is the opinion of the learned psychiatrist.

 Trouble is as good as he was, there was the small matter of the knife with the DNA. The confession. Christ, the confesion too. Even FLick sobers up watching all this unfold on the news.

The silver tongued advocacy continued on for some time and as many pupils do Lynnie switched off and made the mistake of walking around the front of the Court when they left, to lick their wounds for the day and make some tea.

We can’t go on together with suspicious minds, was playing first. Then it was Roxy Music. ‘Dressed to kill and guess whose dying, dance away the heart ache dance away the pain, dance way the heart ache. Hand in hand with another guy, dressed to kill and guess whose dying.

Pandora Radio is playing, in Lucy Mathew’s head at least throughout. She missed the ending in her own play. 

You never give me your money, you only give me your explanations, invitations, celebrations. You never give me your number you only give me your motivations and in the middle of the explanation I hear the sounds. The Beatles, on Pandora Radio. 

The courtroom is packed. The Judge is alert, he wonders why Lucy did not react, sign of guilt perhaps.

I will adjourn for reports, said His Honour Judge Pride, thank you counsel. Wondering whether it was too late to do any last minute Christmas shopping they all trip off to say Tata to their witnesses and solicitors awaiting them. Mr. Self treads back to chambers, her one , and her counsel. Boy had he tried. He had really pushed for the third psychiatrists report, she could not have play acted that well. He might appeal, try and get her out. Fuck, this was a bad feeling. Especially with his best mate having cracked last weeks trial and having enjoyed a week of golf. He tried to cheer himself up with bravado, she did it anyway it's obvious.


In time and after several hearing Lucy Mathews walks free. She walks free to quote Mr. Cash a wiser weaker girl he tells his eager pupil as they go for a drink. Alexia, her Chechen friend remains after all these years. She presents a risk of absconding. No, the sureties are not enough. The sums offered are insufficient. The poor immigration history is taken against her.

 Now that I’m out I can start again, thank you Mr. Self, for lodging that appeal against conviction. It is probably also fortunate that the Judge was exposed as an associate of a corrupt Russian oligarch who has been suspected of extensive fraud himself, he jests unnecessarily.

No really, they obtained leave to appeal. Then Alice made it back from India, she was traumatized and her oppressive husband refused to let her speak but she left a message with the prosecuting authorities to let them know that she was alive and that Lucy had nothing to do with it.

 After that the police investigation changed, they started hunting out too gangsters in India who apparently had a business dispute with Mr. Ahmadi, Johan’s Dad.

Lucy is composed again, the vindicated girl. Free of the accoutrements of prison, she even burnt her health and safety certificates gained in there. I chose not to remember, it’s a skill of mine. I can convince myself of anything, she breezily states to the reporter. Her photo is everywhere. She is expecting a payout.

 She goes home with her new boyfriend. In her new flat in time, this takes time.

 PANDORA RADIO PANDORA RADIO PLEASE PLEASE MORE, she is giggling as she falls. She has drunk a bottle of wine, she’s really tipsy. Her words get mixed up. More bull come out of her mouth. He is looking down on her, her hair splayed out over the white cotton duvet. ‘Take your shoes off’, he muttered as he pulls her shoes off. She has moved out and is on a mission to live, having wasted so many years now.

 Lucy grins, this might be fun, wonder if I CAN do it again??!! Fall in love I mean, She gets her phone out and starts ringing around. When she got out her cousin Wendy is there waiting outside the big building, as they drive past the barbed wire fences, Lucy cannot stop sobbing. Wendy I missed you so much, how did this happen.

 Wendy stops the car and cries too,

 I’m sorry that I DIDN’T DO MORE’

 The truth was she had been embarrassed that her first cousin had been arrested, although she was a civil lawyer and not involved in the cut and thrust of criminal litigation, it still was more than a little embarrassing with the potential to damage what could be, at least in her own eyes and those of her husband a glittering future career.

  I know, I understand its ok, can we go home’

 They are waiting, everyone is at home.’

She arrives home and that was not quite few a few relatives were there, a new baby she had not seen and her things were as she had left them. But her Uncle, her favourite Uncle was away on business. To some extent Lucy did not feel secure even when out, at home in her own bed it all seemed so very bewildering to her. Her cousin persuades her to press for compensation even though she’d prefer never to see another court. In her room that night she examines the view of her face in the mirror.

 Like Winston Smith in a book she once read the side view was the best. She looks at her hunched shoulder, the toll of years of worry causing her eyes to wrinkle up and her Jaw for some strange reason would not shut easily. Nothing had been done to it, but in other times she might have gone to see about it before. Thin but not pleased about it she took her clothes off, it seemed somehow lonely in the room. She could not hear other people’s radios or the shouting and the coming and going of prisoners at night that usually was her lullaby.

 No one locked her in. She could not sleep that night, she ended up going to the kitchen and eating every single thing she could get her hands on. Her caring father who had spoken out for her on the television, saying with tears in his eyes that he had no doubt of her innocence and that she was not a hacker, watched pleased as she devoured her second sandwich.

 ‘ What is in that sis’? even her stroppy brother had somehow cheered up on seeing her mop of hair and her knowing grin back, after what seemed a long time. For ages she was locked in her own thoughts unable to be reached or to reach out.


‘ Well, if I told you, brace yourself….. I’d have to kill you bro”!


‘ Lucy ffs, that is not funny, ‘ they laugh eyes rolling at her. 

actually I’ve nicked the last of the cheese bro, cheese and pickle with garlic mayo, lettuce and what is this Israeli bread, Vogel you say its pretty good.

Tomorrow I’m going to make you all some of my famous spaghetti and ragu, with parmesan.

Her Dad holds her hand and is so pleased that she is home.

Nana Gi has been kept in the dark about all this, they were worried about her heart even though in fact she is the strongest of the bunch, mutters Lucy. Her grandmother flies over and tells them further tales of India including the day that the snake charmers invaded parliament in protest at the curtailment of snake charming in some areas.




To her dad some time later, Lucy's sister spoke up:


‘ Maybe we were too hard on her,’? 

‘ I don’t think so she is an adult, she chose to stay, she chose to leave her course.?

‘ Money was tight though wasn’t it? 

‘ Well yes that is true. But so this is the case for many people. Wendy will tell you, I did everything I could, I encouraged her to study, and this would have given her direction. Introduced her to many eligible young men at our family parties, but she is willful, she did not take my advice and then she disgraced herself, let us Just hope that the solicitor can find her alibi witness and sort out this mess. She did not kill anyone. That is for sure. 















The End

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