Alice  Chapter 21



Jay Seany had not spared someone’s life once. He’d killed someone years before. A man called Self represented him then. The Jury acquitted him of murder but he was convicted and sentenced to seven years in respect of a charge of manslaughter.

His barrister was puzzled as on fairly similar evidence the co-accused was acquitted entirely, but both men admitted their part in the victim’s death. The prosecuting counsel worried that she had lost her Midas touch, she was only half Joking. She remarked to the pupil that as you progress, to lose a prosecution when the evidence was there was far worse than representing a Defendant who is convicted. He was going down anyway.


What had happened, if Jay Sean was to be believed was as follows; He was doing business in Middleborough, He and his business partner agreed a deal over some clothing from India.  Seany drove and the other two men were passengers. At a service station near to the local airport, a car was found abandoned, with a Sikh man’s body in it.


Mr.  Seany gave himself in the next day, shaking as he told the policeman what had happened.


He had been threatened by the business partner. He called his girlfriend names, said she was a dirty slut. He started suggesting that Mr.  Seany was gay, this was too much and there was a scuffle. Someone shot him. He thought it might be him, couldn’t exactly remember. His friend gave himself up later on. Both gave themselves up, this is a powerful mitigating faction of course your honour.

His honour on this occasion was a recorder and also a well known MP.


For a man’s life, seven years at her majesty’s pleasure didn’t seem so very bad. He was always a cheerful man. When you met him you would never guess.



Alice is a private detective. Blonde, petite and sort of vague. She is being sent to India with her husband Jay Seany to be briefed for their next case. She has never remained faithful to her husband for that long, but loves hm.


The flight takes a while, they have to transit in Dubai. Once there it is all explained. The family has crossed a line. They have taken possession of several plantations, tea plantations. They are above the law in India, the only son of the family works in England. I t wasn’t safe to contact them nor could they be assured of confidentiality in speaking over the phone Johan Seany is a notorious hacker in Mumbai. He made a new life for himself. Yes, he’s a white hat hacker, but still.


Alice wonders how she got herself into all of this.

Her linen suit is creasing in the immense heat. She and Jay Seany walk along beside the urban beach, mulling over whether to take on the case.


They spoke to Rajeev, well at least Jay Seany did. In Punjabi. Fast. He variously insulted Alice, saying things that had been said before to Jay Seany, who had left himself wide open by marrying her. He needed a passport and she was beautiful as well, quiet and malleable always malleable. She couldn’t cook and his mum hated her bones. Rajeev went to far in trying to drive down the price. He got personal. Jay Seany is a man that never showed his anger. This would only come out when his unaware enemy least expected it. Save for minor disasters such as a phone going off or something like that. And that had never really Jeopardized their work.

So there and then he agreed to trace this hacker kid, to bring back his scalp for the plantation owner’s pride to be restored, but he also knew that he would try his best to rip him off. He’d gone too far. Āpa turd pūrā he said, you giant turd.


They have homes in both India and England.


I think we should ask around more, Jay Seany SAID.


‘ I DON’T LIKE YOU BEING INVOLVED IN THIS STUFF, FUCK OFF …….BUT he’ll suspect me. We don’t cross the line Jay Seany, don’t take your professional hat off Just yet. This is Just business.


‘ Not for me, this is about pride Alice,


They go back and tell the owner of the plantations that they will track. Tracking is all he will pay for.


Having learnt of colleagues who had been recorded in the past, nothing is done indoors, they sit outside and drink mango lassie.


This offers only a bit of protection, but it’s safer than an office.


With a few days free before they needed to get started Alice and Jay Seany hit Mumbai’s top clubs, the reviews are perused.



Koyla rooftop restaurant/skybar


Apollo Bandar, Bombay, Maharashtra, India

‪+91 22 6636 9999


‪"The service I received here was absolutely 5 star" - ... "It is so shit, its not even worth calling it a shisha place" - ... "The service was ok but the shisha was nice" - ... "This rooftop restaurant in Colaba is one unique place" - ... "i love koyla as well.." -



After a few costume changes and arguments about how long it took to blow-dry and straighten her hair, Alice put her foot down.


‘ We are going to the sky bar, those reviews are Juvenile a load of arse, loads of people told  me it is great. Liz Hurley has been seen there too’. A favoured lie this was meant to annoy her husband and it did a bit.


So they set off Jay Seany holding his princesses hand as the bickering faded away and they tripped off


The sky bar set obviously high up. They order a Jack and coke each, it’s ridiculously expensive. Strange how even with 50 grand in your hotel room you still note how much a drink costs.


They blow a lot of it, knowing there is more to come. Alice is a sweet girl who was lured into this chicken magnate’s world when she was working Just in Tiger Tiger. He had to have her, didn’t care what anyone else had to say. Unusual that.


Alice feels at home here despite the stares she receives, this is a modern city.


She reads a book while she sits on the bus that travels from Mumbai to Kerala. They missed the flight and have to sit at the worst end,. The book is about India and can be purchased on Amazon doubtless.


India is a land of contradictions – while approximately half of its people are illiterate, the country houses the world’s second largest pool of trained scientists and engineers. Against a backdrop of an evolving democracy and growing economy, per capita income is increasing and an ever-growing youth majority is looking for ways to achieve their material aspirations. Luxury brands have thus set their eyes set on India’s high end retail market, which is expected to reach $30 billion by 2015 and will continue to burgeon as fuelled by its 400 million-strong upper middle class as they ascend the socio-economic rungs.


A perceptive and comprehensive reference, India by Design throws light on India’s rapid development in the branded fashion and luxury goods sectors, and gives the purveyors of luxury and fashion a deeper understanding of India and the complex and ever-evolving market they are seeking to explore.



She doesn’t really care who get’s hurt, Jay Seany is her man as he wants her here. This is where she belongs. beside him. No one will get hurt, all they are going to do is find Johan and maybe point some people in his direction, if they close enough. That hacking stuff is Just irrelevant really is. They sure have some luxuries out here now, but the electric does seem to go rather a lot, have to say Sorry, Alice gets into bed and waits for her husband to turn the lights off. He has spent a long time downstairs on the phone to many people. He has the go ahead. He will double cross Rajeev this time. No one laughs at him like that. He will keep the 50k and Just run, no one will find them.



A week later he is not so sure that there will be no repercussions but he can’t tell her that can he doesn’t make me laugh. Give  her a shirt to iron mate.  






















The End

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