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Sometimes the letters, sent sometimes on a daily basis for a few years were quite ordinary. Other times, he wouldn’t write back to her. Some say it is all Juvenile.


Hi, I Just wanted to say that I'm sorry for getting angry and that you probably didn't deserve

to be told off but I'm Just so angry that I can't write anymore. Mainly because its so irritating that

if I write you a letter, all you ever do is ignore whatever I say and then say you're sorry for ignoring me,

but if that was true then you would actually write back. ..AND you know that I like you so why do you have to deliberately hurt me by telling me about all the thousands that you sleep with ? I Just don't need it really, sorry.... things are completely shit not that you'd care because you used to be my friend and listen / write back and things like that but you Just seem to be so shallow and Just have to have 75.2, 00000 million squared friends ..... I'm sorry to be harsh but,.....



AND if you're still reading, you promised that when you were in Singapore you’d send me a birthday car I think.  


you used to like writing and now you don't want to be in touch with me, that’s cool but I'd rather you were Just honest rather than Just keep pretending you'll write, you never fackin do and then its Just a spiral of shit.... or something. Pardon my Korean....



laterz and tell me, why are your stories almost the same as JJ’s my ex?



Lou lou cake xxx ( remember used to write long letters?< think really hard !)




J was writing to her, in an assumed name. It was a mess a big messy mess. She needed him, he could tell that everything was getting her down, he did not want to hurt her by going away, but on the other hand how could they go back to before. As she had started to trust the character he made up, conveniently living in Australia without a landline now. Must look into voice changer, doubt they work.



From: A.




Hey Loopy, how are you today?


Did you go the ball, I can’t wait to see the pictures of you new hair on facebook. Is it honestly red, I can’t imagine it, maybe send me a picture by text to prepare me.


Well at my end, as you know I’ve been at sea, so I couldn’t reply for a few days, I had to carry cargo from the top of California to the bottom. Well not me carrying the ergo myself, it was my ship the CSC CASATO VOYAGER. There will be mail on the ship next time I go so maybe you can write to me there?


Lucy I worry about you, I don’t want you to wait for me. We are very close I know that but until we meet we both have to get on with our own lives and not pine for the other. I was a bit shocked that you had sent over four texts to my little nokia phone yesterday. When I got back to my um, cabin there I was was sitting down for a rest and my phone is squeaking away. I hope you understand that I can’t answer each one.


Love is a matter of the heart and a person has no control over it, you know that don’t you? So do not feel bad. I understand what you mean when you tell me about what has happened in the past but it is time to move on. You never mention your paining anymore, can you please arrange to send me another, paint me another alien, I love those. I love you was not typed.

Oh and why do you never metion any new bands to me wither, you used to always tell me which music to listen to you bossy swine but now I’m listening to dad’s level 42 album, that can’t be right Loo. Get the radio on again and clean he floor you wench ha-ha


Your true friend Aiden (Pirates crosses)


They text each other daily, She is hurt to learn however that the same thing is happening between Olympia and a strangely similar male form America. Oh well.



She replies not to the stranger from the navy in America who writes to her every day tirelessly, but to Johan who she thinks is responsible.




Dear J, I am sorry I have written to you so many times. I want to apologies to you in person. This is not a trick to get you near me, how sad would that be but I need to know if you had ever loved me or not?


I know this all sounds a bit ‘ mad ex’ but I think that you might be writing to me.


I miss all the things we used to do together. Today I did a few stupid things. Drove my car in the deep snow. Dad and bro number two dug me out. It was pretty all the white with sun on it. Dad was digging the path like a trouper. My brother was playing on world of war craft have you heard of it? He is obsessed. He met a man who married on there and live in German ````````````11!!!! How mad is that??? They are both German, I think they married on World of Warcaraft too !!


My bro number one I ok is ok I mean. Keeps coughing all night he is off work too and will not lift a finger in those, throws clothes around, leaves all the cleaning to mainly Dad and the cleaner of course. How middle class do I sound, bloody cleaner. She is a sweetie but got a lot one her plate.


Hey remember how we used to talk everyday about these little things? I miss that so much. Please will you meet up with me, I know I have been a bit of a shit but I was under so much stress. The constant coughing makes it so difficult to concentrate. Gran is watching a German war movie that is as noisy as, the dog is barking, you name it. Oh there we go Dad is now shouting at his younger brother, can’t work out the exact details with here later.


I was so tired last night, I stayed up watching a program but was really too occupied, my tiny shaken up mind was too occupied to sleep really my dear.


I want to go dancing with you again so much


I know I’ve said this before but whoever she is she cannot love as much as I do.


As she types, crying, more and more until the dog comes over offering a cuddle.


please write back to me I am sorry, this is so undignified and wish things were different. This is typical loser speak I know, this isn’t me I USED TO HAVE MORE PRIDE.



Olympia my friend is ringing me asking if I’m ok. We think its funny to answer the phone and say ‘ AND’ or ‘YES’ or make up a new word to say, not make one up but say tell someone you want to be interviewed for a Job, not advertised with them and start a row. Little bro thinks its funny I don’t know too many trogons out there ±±±


Don’t get me wrong ! I love my new computer thank you, who would of thought me with an apple Mac, just used to rain Macs. I love it, work has been awkward.



































The End

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