Olympia is her rock. A little gemstone.

She spends more time online now, afraid to get her fingers brunt again. Her mum is worried about her . Then one day a call comes from the police, they come to the house. Wendy has gone missing. Her bubbly cousin going missing in a yahtching accident hits her hard.


Each night she stares at his profile page like a sad stalker. What is she going to achieve nothing. Flick tries to get her out of herself to come to Roma for a bit, where her and Augo are making plans for the future. But it is no good.


One day a message appears. She doesn’t know the person. She writes back bored. At first he seems like a stranger, over time she gets to know him. One day, he says something funny on chat. Lucy, when you feel sad like thins, listen to Pandora radio and dance around your room. It’ll make you feel better.


J, this is you isn’t it. ?


She types. No, ring me and find out, except she can never get him. They write for three years and never meet. They are never anything other than friends. During this time Lucy tries to hang herself as she believes that the stranger is J and that he loves her really. Sometimes it feels as if he tells her things so that she will know it is him, like the story about the elephants or the bollywood actor with too many fingers. It is all coincidence J says when she rings him screaming. Did she detect a laugh, or is it Just pity, how she turned out. Job gone. No friends left really and well. Sometimes it felt like he was watching her.


In an email Lucy tells her friend Olympia why she thinks he or someone has hacked her.


Hi Olympia,


Hope the snow is letting up. I’m having a really pants time of it up here afraid to say. My stroppy brother has a cold, keeps coughing. I know it’s not charitable but it’s Just so noisy and he’s grumpier than ever.


I know this sounds mad, but J keeps repeating things I’ve said in the past, when he was not there. I’m worried that he has hacked me or that somehow I’ve maybe left an old diary at his something like that… I don’t know I know I sound paranoid.


The strangest thing is I keep getting weird emails, one of them was from someone on facebook, I thought he was primary school. He started writing a lot and was a good laugh. But to me he seemed really similar to J character wise, which is odd JJ was schooled in India you know. A photograph arrived of my primary school mates old shoes he wanted an opinion on them, but they look like Johan’s shoes that I have seen and it looks like his house, the radiator and although it looks like there were new carpets flat mate wanted new carpets. What do you think Hun? Write back?



Lucy did not tell Olympia that there was another figure in the foreground of the photo. It looked like her. She told her very religious other friend about the problem, she was beginning to feel scared. The other girl in the picture was wearing a new bracelet that she had bought only weeks ago.


The only explanation is that either I am paranoid or that the photo was somehow taken form my phone or computer. He does not have any photos of me, let alone with that new bracelet on. ‘


What the fuck are you doing lying on someone’s floor it looks like you are well drugged or passed out on his floor.’ her ever angry cousin spat. She’d eaten a small piece of cheese, leaving a massive block but this angered him, she made her feel like shit.


I swear to you I have never been to sleep on his floor, on anyone’s floor right. I don’t understand where the photo is from it might be nothing to do with him.


Her brother can’t stand her talking, so she shuts up and makes tea.

So much for asking you for help then, off she trots to get on the phone to her mate Fi who lives in Jersey. Always wanting to leave home and not having money seemed to be the main problem these days she said to Fi.



In another dream she sees computers, people mapping her movements and implanting a chip into her leg.Every move watched. He turns up places he shouldn’t know about.

Him and me on chat



so had your bath


I got talking didn't go in, still scruffy

are you really not John?


no m not




will you pretend?

F‘’Let’s get one thing straight.”


L  don’t want to talk about it.’


‘ What did you think I was going to do ?”




It is you isn’t it


How can you say that I wouldn’t do that to you, laugh at you and listen to you cry would I?


It is you, why don’t you Just be real and not mess about


Wouldn’t you like to know


Tell me is it you??


hello Lucy, I can't remember how we know each other, do we know each other ? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.








The End

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