Snow Chapter 14

Watch out’! J is laughing so hard as he lifts up his friend Whitney from the legal team, with considerable effort he lifts her right up and over the puddle that was threatening to ruin her new trainers.


Aw JJ, how cute are you,’ she is teasing him, they get on great. Two peas in a pod when it comes to the office. Both do a lot of travelling so don’t each other everyday but do go to conferences in the South of England from time to time.


Hey did you see Jim’s hair, what was going on last night?’


‘ Um I think Jim went the way of the weave ha-ha Whitney.


‘ Is it the kind that they put in your scalp and then it keeps growing.


‘ Do you mean transplants, you eloquent little snow bunny?’


‘ Yes I think I do , you little twat.’


‘ With that J and his best mate Doug grab her and chuck her into a pile of fresh snow,


‘ I can’t speak, I’m creased, Whitney chirrups as she bounds along.


They are walking to the pub to meet some other close friends for dinner. J is not a big drinker, although he liked to socialize, that was fair enough.


Whitney was, genuinely like a sister to him. Always very popular with the lads, she was currently single. Blonde, perky and wearing maroon hunter wellies with hunter socks too.


They set her back fifty quid, but did insulate a toe well. Also would come in handy for bestival is she could persuade anyone to go along with her.

The entire street where J lived had been white when they left after having a meal he’d cooked them at his. He made them fish was flavoured well with chili, spring onions and coconut milk.


They listened to the Beatles and some music that Jen, Whitney’s mate had put on MySpace, and it was a sort of Jazz. Really mellow.


Hey, you guys I might be going back to the hospice tomorrow to paint some chairs, would you like to come down with me? I think I’ve found my calling in life’.


Um what time, depends how tonight goes maybe, said Jen a cautious girl who felt uncomfortable when not in the business environment she was used to.


Probably about eleven, you know me always up early.’ Said J


I know, lets make a snow man, come on !


‘ only man you’ll be getting your mitts on with that spot, J teased Jen who had been complaining about a spot on her chin, that was now hidden under layers of concealer.’


‘You knob head!”, snowballs start to be pelted back and forth and they have to go home and get changed before they can dare to show their faces in town for a drink.



At this very point in time, Lucy and Flick are in a spa, precisely they are outdoors in a hot tub. Yes it is snowing. Yes they are both holding cocktails. Flick is a hardened drinker. Once when babysitting she fell asleep in her clothes and had to explain to her shell shocked friends the next day that she was so sorry she had an allergy and the anti histamines had knocked her out. Running off to the bog and being sick at the moment probably didn’tt help. The kids had been fine but she wasn’t asked to babysit again. What a result, one eyebrow is lifted and wicked laugh escapes Flick’s full lips.


They decide to go in the ice pool, this is inside, the main swimming pool for a swim of course and the sauna. There is also a sauna with little coloured lights and a steam room where you can really relax.


J is lamenting being single to his friends on the way back home, as two of them start kissing and he feels like a third wheel. That is what he says although it isn’t really true, Just something to oil the wheels of conversation, the third wheel indeed.


The girls and boys  decide instead to have a party. someone orders in pizzas.


Can I please have, four cheese crust pizzas please. Three bottles of coke, seven potato wedges. Hang on, said Whit. A Tandoori hot and a meat sizzler.’ How much?


Oh and do you do any desserts?


Ok send us eight of those too.


The address? Y its no 16 great oak, do you have me on the system great. You’ll need a code for the gate its 21225, yeah thanks see you soon.


The party is a good one, one person is sick. That’s Dave, said J to Whit.


The snow means that they really do feel compelled to build a decent snowman


It looks like an owl folks !one revelller exclaimed.


Someone then tries to make a pussycat too, but it’s getting dark so soon as it always does at that time of year in Northern England and they give up.


Someone goes to the offy and comes back with Stella, cans and cans of the stuff and white wine for the girls who wouldn’t drink Stella, there were only two.






The End

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